Before there’s even a chance for the winter blues to set in, we’d like to introduce you to The Vapor Caves. The R&B/modern funk duo hails from Texas and has the recipe for medicinal music that revives the spirit to full force. Today, we’re premiering the Side Label-directed music video for their latest single, “Bitch To The Boys.” In an email to Highsnobiety, the duo told us that the track is an anthem for feminine empowerment which is why the accompanying visual provides a playful commentary on sexism from a woman’s point of view.

“We wanted to make a video that was inspired by some of our favorite, classic moments in entertainment,” they explained. “The Miami Vice aesthetic, the ‘Bandstand’ television programming era, an unnecessary opening dialogue scene like Aphex Twin’s ‘Windowlicker’ – to illustrate how long this topic has been prevalent in our lives.”

Rewind to the decades of the past and watch the full video below.

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