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Third New Release In 3 Weeks From Rising Young Melbourne Rap Collective

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Third New Release In 3 Weeks From Rising Young Melbourne Rap Collective


Throughout April, 66Records – the rap label who just inked a joint venture with Warner Music Australia – has been releasing new music. The tracks showcase the wide-ranging strengths of each rapper, while also highlighting key individual members. Today, the label spotlights original member Eco$ystem with “Hop Out.” Fans of the late Juice WRLD might recognize Eco, as he joined Juice on his final 2019 Australian tour. “Hop Out” finds Eco and Brisbane rapper Dau Dau exchanging bars over a slurred out grime-inspired beat with bars that reference Chief Keef and pay homage to their worldwide influence of flows.

Watch the “Hop Out” video, directed by Lawson Cross (226 Media), here:

“We both brought our A game to the table and organically made this hit. This song is about hopping out of your comfort zone and letting the rage out no matter who is against you,” Eco$sytem says of the collaboration. Dau Dau added: “I was out with my homie running errands when I got the email from Eco with the ‘Hop Out’ demo. I was so hyped to get on the track, we made a u-turn to go the studio, and I got the verse done that night.”

Eco$ystem is of Sudanese heritage and was raised in the housing projects of inner-city Melbourne. His playful disposition belies his street-hardened world view, and his world-class live set, mixed with undeniable star charisma, shows off his effortless command over the audience.

Previous 66Records releases from this month include the frantic “Devil Persona” – which showcases 4 original members of the collective, and the ethereal, piano-driven “Blessings,” featuring Lil Jaye. 66Records (Sixty Six Records aka Double 6) was born in the basement of a suburban housing project and founded by John Nelson and Abraham Poni. Already known for their feverish live performances, this boutique hip-hop label and grassroots collective focuses on raising up young urban artists of minority ethnicities and are resolved to provide a space where artists can work towards futures beyond prejudice.

These first releases have seen press pick up from NME Australia, Australian Rap bible Filter Zine, Spotify playlist covers and airplay on local college/community radio stations.

photo credit: Zac Syswerda


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