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The 8 Best Black Friday Mattress Deals From Cyber Week 2020

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After becoming involuntarily bed-less earlier this year due to a storage unit flood (right on cue for 2020), the opportunity to try something different presented itself. It’s not often you find yourself in the market for a new mattress, so I figured it was worth looking into all of my options before investing in my…
The 8 Best Black Friday Mattress Deals From Cyber Week 2020

After becoming involuntarily bed-less earlier this year due to a storage unit flood (right on cue for 2020), the opportunity to try something different presented itself. It’s not often you find yourself in the market for a new mattress, so I figured it was worth looking into all of my options before investing in my next. But where to start when you can’t try one out for yourself?In a pre-pandemic world, finding the best mattress seemed like a fun adulting activity. I imagined spending a Saturday morning visiting brick and mortar shops to experience each cloud-like option until I found “the one.” But at a time when we avoid shared surfaces and sanitize regularly, lying down on a bed that someone else has already tested is unfortunately not in the cards. Thankfully, with the growing number of “mattress in a box” companies offering Black Friday deals and promotions, white glove delivery, or almost immediate shipping, online ordering has become much more of a norm, pandemic or no.With no IRL beds to try out for myself and an overwhelmingly broad e-commerce mattress market, I turned to my most trusted (and hopefully well-rested) colleagues for their input and guidance, one of whom tried almost 10 different mattresses before selecting one. I happily landed on the Cloud from Tempurpedic, the closest option to what I had slept on for the years prior to my storage unit incident. After just about two months, I am pleased to report that I am very happy with my choice.While I may not be in the market for a mattress any longer, my colleagues’ recommendations are worth taking into consideration if you’re looking for something new or thinking about how to improve your night’s sleep this winter. With a potential second lockdown in our futures, it certainly is not a bad time to secure a new cozy home base. Here, a handful of the best mattress deals you can shop during the Black Friday sales now, plus everything you need to know about where these editors catch their Z’s.Tempurpedic“I recently invested in the Cloud mattress from Tempurpedic after pulling the trigger during the Memorial Day sales. After just about two months of sleeping on it, I have to admit it really does live up to its name.” – Madeline Fass, Market EditorShop now and get 40% off Tempurpedics Essential Mattress and toppers, 25% off pillows, and up to $300 on additional mattress styles.Leesa“After checking out nearly every mattress in New York, my boyfriend and I agreed on a Leesa. It was a bit of a Goldilocks scenario: I thought the Casper was too stiff, but he felt the pillow-tops I liked at Mattress Firm were too puffy. The Leesa fits somewhere in the middle: It’s supportive, but still plush enough to sink into a little, and I appreciate the soft gray cover (as opposed to bare foam or traditional blown-up quilting). It’s truly the best!” – Emily Farra, Senior Fashion News WriterShop now and save up to $500 off Leesa mattresses plus two free pillows during the Black Friday sale.Photo Courtesy of SaatvaKeetsa“I know some people swear by them, but I’ve had terrible experiences with memory foam mattresses (I can still feel the ache in my lower back from the time I slept on one that was totally sunken in). So when I recently went shopping for a new mattress, I knew I wanted something closer to the traditional bedspring kind. Keetsa have a selection of mattresses using what they call iCoil technology, an upgrade on the traditional spring that offers a medium-firm support that’s really comfortable. Plus, there’s an inch-thick layer of foam that gives you that little extra plush. After months of sleeping on a clapped out futon, this literally felt like a dream.” – Chioma Nnadi, Fashion News DirectorShop now and get 15% off on mattresses using code BF15OFF.Photo Courtesy of KeetsaCasper“Like many new grads moving to the Big City, I bought a Casper mattress. Four years later, I’m still using my Original Casper, and still have pretty good nights sleeping on it. It’s on the firm side, and at $600 was a good deal that made my back and bank account happy. For lounging, sleeping, and (occasionally, regrettably) working, it’s a good buy.” – Sarah Spellings, Fashion News Editor“I didn’t realize how much I loved my Casper Wave until I began subletting in LA this past fall and sleeping on the homeowner’s rock-hard bed. There’s many reasons I’ll one day return to New York—my mattress included.” – Zoe Ruffner, Beauty Editor”I recently acquired Casper’s Nova Hybrid mattress and needless to say, I’ve never slept better in my life. The bed is the perfect balance of firm and soft, providing a gentle cloud-like cushion for every night’s sleep. It was the first time I swapped out my mattress in six years and I never knew how poorly my last mattress supported my back until I tried this one. The only downside? Getting out of bed is harder than ever.” – Julie Tong, Commerce EditorShop now and get 30% off bundles, 15% off mattresses, 10% off pillows, bedding, and more during the Black Friday sale.Photo Courtesy of CasperYogaSleep“After reading reviews of a number of Casper-like mattresses—with an ever-ballooning price point—I landed on the Yogabed. I was appealed by its claim that it disperses body weight evenly and reduces pressure point pain, which makes it ideal for Yogis (hence the name) and athletes. While I am decidedly neither athlete nor Yogi, the Yogabed is the epitome of the soft-but-supportive mattress. It also stays cool to the touch—which is an elusive (and invaluable!) quality in memory foam mattress land.” – Jessie Heyman, Executive EditorShop now and take 20% off sitewide using code BLACKFRIDAY20 at checkout. Sale ends 11/30.Avocado“I’ve had my Queen mattress for quite some time now, but I’m ready to upgrade to a new King size one. Right now the Avocado mattress is at the top of my wish list because the eco-friendly brand uses certified organic cotton and wool fabrics. And those mattresses are manufactured in a socially responsible factory in Los Angeles, which is super important to me.” – Alexis Bennett, Commerce WriterShop now and save $200 on the Latex mattress using code, CYBER200.Tuft and Needle“I’ve been back in the midwest and predominantly living at my parent’s place since March. While I love inadvertently sinking into the center of my childhood mattress, there’s no denying that an upgrade could be had. I’ve been eyeing a Tuft & Needle hybrid mattress. While I continue to work remotely from Chicago, it seems like a soft and comfortable option for a side and stomach sleeper like myself.” – Rachel Besser, Market EditorShop now and save 10% sitewide until 11/25.Allswell“I tested out the Allswell Luxe Hybrid while researching a mattress story last year, and I fell in love with it. After flopping on about 10 different mattresses, I found it to be one of the most comfortable: it’s firm, but not too firm. And, to my surprise, it was pretty affordable: a queen mattress costs $645. To me, it’s the perfect price point because it’s in between being super cheap and ultra expensive… but it feels expensive.” – Christian Allaire, Fashion and Style Writer“My boyfriend and I moved to the city a few years ago with very little new furniture, including an extremely uncomfortable, small mattress that needed to be replaced ASAP. When we began exploring our options, we wanted a firm-ish king size, but we had to stay within our budget. Finally, we stumbled across Allswell’s luxe hybrid and at first glance, we thought the price point was too good to be true. But nearly a year later, it genuinely still feels brand new.” – Clarissa Schmidt, Associate ProducerShop now. When you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.Read More

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