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Leicester’s Ben Chilwell Talks Top 3 EPL Players, Lionel Messi, More in B/R AMA

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Rui Vieira/Associated PressAlthough the English Premier League, like so many other sports across the world, is on hiatus because of the coronavirus pandemic, Leicester City left-back Ben Chilwell had plenty to talk about when he sat down with Bleacher Report for an AMA on Thursday.Chilwell discussed a number of topics, including his pick in the…

Leicester's Ben Chilwell controls the ball during the English Premier League soccer match between Leicester City and Everton at the King Power Stadium in Leicester, England, Sunday, Dec. 1, 2019. (AP Photo/Rui Vieira)Rui Vieira/Associated PressAlthough the English Premier League, like so many other sports across the world, is on hiatus because of the coronavirus pandemic, Leicester City left-back Ben Chilwell had plenty to talk about when he sat down with Bleacher Report for an AMA on Thursday.Chilwell discussed a number of topics, including his pick in the Lionel Messi vs. Cristiano Ronaldo debate, who his top three players in the Premier League are, who the best English player of all time is and what it is like to face Mohamed Salah.The following is the full transcript from the AMA session.@AFinkelstein6: Messi or Ronaldo?Messi. Ronaldo is an unbelievable athlete, [Messi is] just the best player who’s ever actually played the game. @TACKOFALLFANCLUB: Wow, big fan here. What is your favourite cartoon of all time?Recess. Grew up on it and been watching it on Disney+.@AFinkelstein6: Who would you say is the toughest opponent for you?Messi. I played him in pre-season and he was just unbelievable. He knocked one pass out of play, got jeered, so the next time he got the ball he nutmegged Marc Albrighton and got an assist!@shyam1: Who is the most terrifying winger to mark? (doesn’t have to be a player you’ve faced)Riyad Mahrez, the toughest I’ve marked. He’s just so tricky.@benblackmore: You faced Mo Salah this season. What’s it like to play against him? What makes him such a threat?He’s so direct, every time he gets the ball he wants to score goals, he’s always looking to get shots away. He’s so hungry to score goals.@Floridaforlife: Who are your top 3 Premier League players right now?Kevin De Bruyne, Jordan Henderson, Virgil van Dijk.@papa_john: How would you describe what it is like when ‘Jamie Vardy’s having a party’? Fun character, he’s always joking around, he’s a fun guy to be around in general, he’s always pulling pranks and stuff. At the weekend he turns and is a good person to have in the changing room! @soccerdude27: How fast is Jamie Vardy?The fastest player at Leicester. Electric, over 10-15 metres his speed is a joke! @bmoscoso1516: Huge LCFC fan. Who has the best goal celebration in the squad?Vardy. Backflips, he did a backflip at Everton last year—insane! Need work on me…@StephMessi: Ballon d’Or or UCL?Ballon d’Or, you’ve made it if you win the Ballon d’Or.@jayengerman: What are the top 3 tips you’d give for a LB aspiring to make it to the top?Work hard—make sure that you’re putting it in when your training.Practice your crossing.Defensively solid 1 v 1.Who are your favourite 5 left-backs?Marcelo, favourite, Roberto Carlos, Jordi Alba, Ashley Cole, David Alaba.@HahaOkCool: Most underrated player you’ve played against?Marc Albrighton. He’s so good, best trainer by far—all-round good professional, never has an off day just works hard@jayvince: Is the Leicester project an exciting one under Brendan Rodgers?Definitely, since he’s come in he’s brought an energy, not just to the players but to the whole club and an excitement to the whole club that the club is going in the right way. New training ground, things are going in the right way. It’s all down to the manager. @Austinsports99: Which youngster will be the next Kante or Mahrez? Who do you have high hopes for?Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall. CM, on loan at Blackpool, he’s a great player @AFinkelstein6: What’s your favourite thing to do off the field? Do you have a 2nd sport?I used to be really good at cricket, I was an all-rounder. It was one or the other at 16 so I had to stop. I was better at cricket than I was at football but enjoyed football more. @tglenn89: Funniest thing you’ve ever heard screamed on the pitch?Nothing that I can think of off the top of my head. Sometimes when the ball goes off the pitch, Vards and I find ourselves laughing at each other.@Aid125: Who is the funniest player on the Leicester and England teams? Really big fan by the wayAndy King. He’s such dry humour—quick responses. Don’t slip up around him so then he can’t tell anyone.John Stones/Kyle Walker—Always pulling pranks, everyone gets on really well. Really good bunch.@NoleFanForLife: What is the hardest stadium to play at in the Premier League?Anfield, 100 per cent. So hostile, so loud, they give their team a boost and it’s very hard to play against. They’re great home fans. Can’t hear anything when you’re there, you’re in your zone and can’t hear what anyone is saying. @parkerrawlings: Who do you think is the best English player right now?Jadon Sancho, in terms of talent. Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane have had great seasons though! @jakepeterson: Most memorable game you’ve played in?Champions League quarter-final against Atletico Madrid. Still trying to make my way in the first team then and came on at half-time and had a really good second half. @YEPUNITED: Who’s the one player you most want to shirt swap with?Marcelo. Idolise him so much. Watched him growing up, watched his YouTube clips and El Clasico games. Technically so good and a very flairy full-back. @mmcrosh: What’s the best part about representing England?Playing for your country and winning games for your country. You work your whole life to play for your country, so when you play and win it’s the best feeling. @JailBird: Who is the greatest English player of all time?Wayne Rooney.@stephmourra: What would you say is your go-to song before a match?I’m on music before games. I play a playlist called rap-life on Apple Music—a boogie. @angelacoffey: What was it like not only competing in but also scoring in the 9-0 win at Southampton?Craziest game I ever played in from minute one to minute 90, everything we ended up doing was a goal. The gaffer made us relentless that day. Double figures would never have been done, so it would have been even better. @tglenn89: Would you rather be able to outrun Adama Traore or never get megged for an entire year?Outrun Adama Traore—because then you’re the quickest footballer in the world! He’s so fast so you can’t get tight to him, but then he’s so stupidly strong so you can’t bully him either. @papa_john: What was it like playing with Rob Huth and captain Morgan? They seem like such old school defenders with amazing leadershipPretty much that they were old school, no-nonsense defenders. They helped me a lot with defensive positioning and helped me a lot in my career.@parlayNBA: You have one of the best left-footed crosses in Europe. Any suggestions on how to get the most whip on the ball?Just practice your crosses. I stay out quite a lot and stay out two to three times a week.@DumbDingus: Who was your idol growing up?Ashley Cole for me because he was English and watched him a lot.@dubs4life17: Who do you model your game after?Ashley Cole, defensively very good but going forward he was class as well. @layshamblock: What advice do you have to young upcoming footballers wanting to make it big. What should they look for?Working hard and natural ability only gets you so far, work hard and put it in every day. @Nakerman: Do you play video games? What’s your favourite non-football game?Call of Duty, play with my mates—six of us going into a domination and it’s good fun. Never used to play but now in quarantine its good fun.@tglenn89: What do you miss while being in quarantine?Playing football! @StriplingWarrior: Describe yourself in one sentencePretty easy and chilled out guy. @haleyc789: What’s your favourite game in training?Small sided—five v five on a little pitch.@dwightschrutey: What’s been your favourite moment as a footballer?England debut. Come from my hard work that I’d put in over the years, and for me, that meant a lot. @SeafoodGoat25: What do you prefer? Scoring a goal or a crunching tackle?Scoring a goal.@ohheck: How much are you missing Madders right now?We’re talking most days and he plays PlayStation as well. We use Zoom, but we’re just not getting to see each other. We actually proper disliked each other when I was at Leicester and he was at Coventry. He thought I was arrogant, I thought he was arrogant! But when we were 15 and with the England under-21s we just realised how much we get on and have similar interests.@AndrewMayer777: Who did you have winning the Champions League this year?Bayern who I had this year.@drewtangboiiiii: What’s the best atmosphere you’ve ever had the pleasure of playing in?Champions League game against Atletico was class!  Read More

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