In many parts of the country, people are already enjoying the seasonal explosion of colors found in nature. Use that fall inspiration to help you choose which flowers (and colors) to plant!

Much like the combination of red, orange, and yellow leaves creates a uniquely autumnal color symphony, the whites, yellows, blues, pinks, and purples of spring blooms can shout to the world that spring has arrived.

Here are just a few types of bulbs to consider planting now for your spring garden.


This flower grows in a variety of colors and is one of spring’s earliest arrivers, so if you want to see spring sooner, opt for this perennial.


Plant bulbs of this well-loved variety to make your yard the brightest shade of white, yellow, or orange on the block come spring.

Iris/Dwarf iris

These flowers are known for their darker colors like purple and blue, as well as striking markings. The smaller versions bloom earlier in spring and tall ones in early summer.


An aromatic flower also known for its unique periwinkle color, it comes in white and pink, among other colors.


These white and green early-spring bloomers do best in partial shade but not in warm-winter climates. Plant the giant bulb type for these lovely flowers to bloom in full this spring.


Perhaps the essential spring flower, tulips come in various sizes and colors. Darwin is a bulb you’ll want to plant if you want the biggest pop.