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Fortnite bug is randomly sending people into the storm

Written by on September 3, 2020

Outside of the Marvel theme and the handful of map changes, the fishing system received the largest update in Fortnite Season 4. For the first three seasons of Chapter 2, we only had four fish to play with. Now, we have nearly 40.
The old fishing Punch cards didn’t get too much attention. They were monotonous and boring to complete. This season, however, a lot more players will be interesting in catching all 39 fish. To do that, you’re going to need some guidance.
Let’s start by listing all of the fish types in the game along with where you can find them. This information will help you fill out the fishing Punch Card as fast as possible.
Keep in mind that some of these fish are tied to specific locations. Others will only be available at night, and some will require a Pro Fishing Rod to catch.

  • All normal Flopper types
  • Black and Blue Shieldfish
  • Blue Slurpfish
  • Blue Small Fry (Night only)
  • Light Blue Smallfry
  • Molten Spicyfish
  • Purple Top Smallfry
  • Purple and Orange Thermalfish
  • Silver Thermalfish
  • Slurp Jellyfish
  • Tan Small Fry


  • Black Slurpfish (night only)
  • Black Striped Shieldfish
  • Chum Hop Flopper
  • Purple Jellyfish
  • Raven Thermalfish (Pro Rod)
  • Sky Blue Spicy Fish


  • Atlantic Hop Flopper (Pro Rod)
  • Peely Jellyfish (Pro Rod)
  • Purple Slurpfish
  • White Spotted Spicy fish


  • Coho Hop Flopper
  • Drift Spicy Fish
  • Green Shieldfish
  • Green Thermalfish
  • Red and Green Thermalfish


  • White Slurpfish (Night & Pro Rod)
  • Chinook Hop Flopper
  • Cuddle Jellyfish
  • Southern Spicy Fish
  • Yellow Slurpfish

New Fish types in Fortnite Season 4
As we’ve covered, Epic added a ton of new fish to the loot pool in Chapter 2 Season 4. Although there will be nearly 40 fish when the season concludes, not all of them grant different effects. There are, for instance, five types of Slurpfish in the game but they all do the same thing.

You’ll want to grab all of these if you’re trying to max-out your Fishing book, but a Slurpfish is a Slurpfish if you’re only interested in game mechanics. Now, let’s take a look at the new types of fish that Epic added in Season 4:

  • Vendetta Flopper (unreleased): “Eat me! I’ll mark nearby enemy.”
  • Spicy Fish: “Spicy! Consume to gain speed boost.”
  • Hop Flopper: “A Flopper with mad hops. Consume to gain low gravity.”
  • Jellyfish: “Squeeze to splash nearby players and instantly apply Health and Shields to them.” (Chug Splash mechanics)
  • Shield Fish: “Consume for juicy shields”
  • Thermal Fish: “Consume to see it all.” (Thermal vision)
  • Midas Flopper: Consume to turn your entire inventory gold.

Interestingly, the Fishing achievements track your progress in Battle Lab, meaning you can grab all of these fish in a private match if you like. We recommend setting the time of day to “night” when using this method. There aren’t any fish that are exclusive to daytime, but there are a few that are only available at night.

The same goes for your Fishing Rod. It only costs 100 of each material type to upgrade from a normal to Pro Fishing Rod, so hit up an Upgrade Station if you can’t find a Pro Fishing Rod on the ground.
Hopefully, this all makes finding all of the fish in Season 4 a bit easier, at least. The Midas fish is incredibly elusive, but it’s not a part of the Fishing book – meaning you can complete it without catching the Midas Flopper. Good luck, fishermen!

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