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31 Cleaning Products From Target You’ll Probably End Up Using Again And Again

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ShoppingCaret RightHome·Updated 1 minute ago. Posted 38 minutes agoBreak out your rubber gloves, your spray bottle, and your scrubbing brushes, because it's time for a deep clean.We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other…
31 Cleaning Products From Target You’ll Probably End Up Using Again And Again

Updated 1 minute ago. Posted 38 minutes ago

Break out your rubber gloves, your spray bottle, and your scrubbing brushes, because it’s time for a deep clean.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


A daily shower cleaner that’ll keep hard water stains, mildew, and soap scum at bay. Spray it after you’re done with your shower, so you can put off the heavy-duty cleaning for a few more weeks.


Promising review: “This shower cleaner helps to keep our walk-in, tiled shower clear of hard water buildup and stains. It does have a soft scent that smells nice and isn’t overpowering. I spray our shower every morning after we are ready for work. It makes our weekly shower cleaning much easier and faster.” —Target reviewer

Price: $2.99+ (available in two sizes)


A plant-based, heavy-duty degreaser for those kitchen messes that won’t be managed with an average all-purpose spray. This cleaner is great for greasy hoods, microwaves, stove tops, and drip pans.


Promising review: “I’m a tough critic when it comes to cleaners as I like my home clean! This Method degreaser is amazing! It cleans tough, sticky messes with ease. I use it on the microwave, stove top, oven, wood blinds, ceiling fans, and those cabinet doors above the stove. It is gentle, yet powerful, and such a time-saver! The scent is strong but not unpleasant.” —Target reviewer

Price: $3.99


An aerosol glass cleaner that’ll foam up in order to cling to windows, windshields, and mirrors while it dissolves all of the grime.


Promising review: “This is literally the best glass cleaner out there. It’s effortless to use as the spray itself does all of the work. I’ve used a lot of different glass cleaners that are extremely hard to work with compared to this product. It smells like the cleaner they use in car washes. This spray and a microfiber cloth are a power couple.” —Target reviewer

Price: $2.79


A two-pack of cleaning pads, so you can give your glass cooktop a good scrubbing without worrying about scratching the surface. The microtexture pad works well with just water and can be tossed in the dishwasher when it’s looking a bit scuzzy.


Promising review: “These are amazing. We had some really cooked-on messes, and these sponges cleaned them up with just water. Before, we were using sponge attachments to our power drill. These are much better, especially because they won’t scratch.” —Target reviewer

Price: $6.49


A microfiber cleaning pad that’ll not only do a great job picking up and holding dirt, but can also be reused — just detach it from the mop and toss it in the wash when it’s looking grimy. It’ll be good as new.


Promising review: “This pad works great on my bamboo floors with my Bona hardwood floor cleaner. Every once in awhile, I have to scrub a bit harder but only for caked-on spots.” —Target reviewer

Price: $8.79


A refillable spray bottle with an all-purpose cleaner concentrate to help reduce your plastic waste. Just fill the bottle with water, insert the cleaning concentrate, and spray!


Promising review: “We were running out of Clorox wipes, so I wanted to find a new cleaning solution that would be a bit more environmentally-friendly but wouldn’t break the bank. This is it! The spray bottle gets the job done and makes it easy to clean. I cleaned the whole kitchen and was so pleased that I ordered the an extra refill as well as the Infuse bathroom spray and the caddy.” —Target reviewer

Price: $7.99


A toilet-cleaning starter kit that takes the ick-factor out of cleaning the grossest part of your home. Clip the scrubbing pad onto the wand, scrub the bowl, release the pad, and flush.


Promising review: “This system cleans more effectively than a regular toilet brush and leaves a nice, clean scent.” —Target reviewer

Price: $8.99


A 12-pack of stain-removing wipes, so you can easily remove tough stains the second they splash on your favorite T-shirt.


Promising review: “I can’t say enough about these wipes. I keep a few in my purse for myself and in my desk drawer for my students. They work so much better than the Tide-To-Go stick, and they smell better, too!” —Target reviewer

Price: $3.89


A bleach pen that’ll make your grout sparkle and disappear stains from white laundry.


Promising review: “I use this bleach pen to kill mold on tile grout, to clean stains from my white countertops, and to remove stains from white towels.” —Target reviewer

Price: $3.49


A dish spray, so you can use less water and less elbow grease when you’re doing the dishes.


This set includes one starter kit and one refill.

Promising review: “I love this! I spray the dishes after a rinse and let them sit. I come back after a few minutes and the dishes are clean! The red pasta stains are gone! Amazing!” —Target reviewer

Price: $8.49


A two-pack of extra-durable MagicErasers for those messes that immediately set off alarm bells. You’ll feel a lot less anxious about household stains and stubborn grime when you have these pads in your cleaning caddy.


Promising review: “My 7-year-old strayed from her paper a bit when using a permanent marker and left a few marks on the kitchen counter. After scrubbing with an abrasive cleaner and seeing no results, I thought the marks were there to stay. These cleaning pads took the marker off right away.” —Target reviewer

Price: $3.69+ (available in three pack sizes)


A cube-shaped scrubbing sponge that will smell less, last longer, feel more comfortable in your hand, and look so much cuter on your kitchen counter than your regular sponge.


Promising review: “I love this little sponge! The scrubby side does a great job of cleaning up tough messes and the soft side is perfect for cleaning up spills and splashes. The size is perfect, too — it’s easy to grip. I usually squeeze the water out of it and set it on the scrubby side so that it dries out easily with no funky odors. I’m glad I gave this sponge a try.” —Target reviewer

Price: $3.49


A two-pack of latex gloves to keep your hands clean, dry, and protected against any solutions you may be using. These 12-inch-long gloves have a cotton-flock lining that will insulate your hands against extreme temperatures and an embossed nonslip grip that will give you the traction you need to get the job done well.


Promising review: “These are such a pretty color, and they fit very well. They lighten my spirits when I’m doing dishes or cleaning floors, and they are just thick enough to protect my hands while still allowing me to feel the dishes. The cost is about half the price of gloves from other stores. Like so many Target items, these are surprisingly terrific.” —Target reviewer

Price: $3.49


An adhesive remover that’ll take the frustration out of cleaning up sticky messes.


Promising review: “I’m annoyed that this wasn’t the first thing I tried because this stuff worked with zero effort. I was trying to remove years-old stickers from a plastic dresser. This product made the remaining residue effortless to remove. I would recommend it!” —Target reviewer

Price: $5.09


A long bristle brush for all of those hard-to-reach places where dirt, dust, and grime love to hide and collect.


Promising review: “This cleaning wand is very sturdy and allows me to clean under the sofa where my vacuum and Roomba can’t reach.” —Target reviewer

Price: $5.49


A kitchen appliance cleaning set that’ll basically feel like investing in four great tools in one extremely compact package. Each brush is designed to allow you to gently scrape and scrub even the most awkward crevices.


Promising review: “I use these little brushes when washing dishes. They work well when cleaning fork tines and other hard-to-reach areas. The small size makes them easy to pick up and use.” —Target reviewer

Price: $8.99


A 38-pack of laundry detergent discs with oxygenated bleach, so you don’t have to worry about pretreating every stain before tossing the item into the washing machine.


Promising review: “These detergent discs smell amazing and get the toughest stains out of tricky garments such as car towels and outdoor rugs.” —Target reviewer

Price: $11.99


A container of scented beads that’ll basically act as deodorant for your clothes. They’ll keep your clothes smelling like fresh blossoms from the moment you take them out of the wash until you’re ready to clean them again.


Promising review: “I have tried several different scent beads from Downy, and these are by far the best at keeping my and my husband’s clothes smelling good until it’s time to wash them again!” —Target reviewer

Price: $14.39


A five-pack of washing machine cleaning tablets to prevent soap scum, mold, and mildew. You better believe that the build-up of gunk is going to make your clothes smell a little funky.


Promising review: “This is the best stuff for cleaning your washer. It doesn’t leave a residue, and it makes the machine sparkling clean!” —Target reviewer

Price: $12.19


A 25-pack of electronic wipes that’ll make your smudgy screens and sticky keyboards sparkle.


Promising review: “These are great for getting smudges off of my phone, tablet, and computer screen. I think they help keep the germ factor down during cold and flu season as well.” —Target reviewer

Price: $5.19


A Swiffer Duster starter kit for those inaccessible areas that harbor the dust mites that keep setting off sneezing attacks.


Promising review: “As the mother of two toddlers, two cats, a dog, and a spouse who is a hard laborer, I am constantly cleaning. This duster makes it less of a chore. The length of the handle is adjustable and can be extended up to three feet. The wand can be adjusted at all different angles and can be folded in for easier storage. The duster stays in place once it’s attached, and dust and dander cling to it.” —Target reviewer

Price: $8.49


A fabric refresher, so you can keep your couch, pillows, backpacks, and all of the other items that don’t get a good wash very often smelling like they were just professionally cleaned.


Promising review: “This is my new favorite scent for the house. It’s light and fresh.” —Target reviewer

Price: $5.99


A two-pack of microfiber cloths because they’ll be less wasteful, more absorbent, and better at picking up dirt and germs than paper towels.


Promising review: “I bought these to reduce the number of paper towels we use, but they actually do a better job cleaning!” —Target reviewer

Price: $4.99


A three-pack of stainless-steel scrubbing pads for those times when elbow grease just isn’t enough.


Promising review: “These scrubbing pads are a staple in our cleaning routine! I have not found another product that helps deep-clean as well as these pads. I definitely recommend them!” —Target reviewer

Price: $3.29


A hardwood floor cleaner, so you don’t warp your gorgeous floors by using too much water when you clean them.



A carpet cleaner with a built-in scrubbing brush, so you don’t have to pull out five different tools to get the job done.


Promising review: “This is an excellent product. I do not have pets, but I do have two toddler boys, which is basically the same thing when you’re constantly dealing with snacks, drinks, and potty training. We’ve spilled everything under the sun, and I have yet to come across a stain that this cleaner cannot remove.” —Target reviewer

Price: $4.99


A rust remover that’ll totally blow you away once you see how quickly it works.


Promising review: “We bought our home four years ago and have struggled with rust stains in our bathrooms ever since. I have spent hours scrubbing with various products without much success. I tried this product today and, in a mere 15 minutes, I got all of the rust stains out of three showers. This product changed everything, and I’m still shocked at how well it worked.” —Target reviewer

Price: $4.97


A clog remover because allowing the water line to inch past your ankles will surely leave some ugly marks.


Promising review: “I live in an older home that’s prone to hair blockages in the shower. This product does a great job keeping the drain clear. I pour about 1/3-cup or so at night, then blast the hot water in the morning. It works like a charm.” —Target reviewer

Price: $8.89


A spin mop and bucket system that’ll wring out excess water with just a tap of your foot.


Promising review: “I love this mop! The step is genius and allows me to effortlessly wring out all of the water. The microfiber mop head easily picks up dirt.” —Target reviewer

Price: $30.49


An oven cleaner, so you can stop setting the smoke alarm off every time you cook.


Promising review: “This is a great product! I tried both the warm and cold method and think that the cold method leaves less of an odor. I left the solution on for a few hours, and the grease wiped right off!” —Target reviewer

Price: $4.29


A stainless-steel cleaner and polish because your appliance are not quite as “stainless” as you would like. This solution will not only remove residue, fingerprints, and water spots but it will also prevent a buildup in the future.


Promising review: “I love this product. I’ve used my share of stainless-steel cleaning products and this one is perfection. It removes and shines everything off your appliance, making it look brand new.” —Target reviewer

Price: $6.69

Just like magic, your cleaning is done!


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