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16 TV Show Endings That Were So Perfect, They May Be The Best Ever

Written by on August 22, 2020

Veep waited SEVEN YEARS to make that Tom Hanks callback joke.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV shows actually had perfect endings. Here are the brilliant results.

🚨 Spoilers ahead, people! 🚨


In The Good Place, when Chidi left Eleanor with a beautiful, serene, and teary metaphor about death before leaving forever.


“It was all wrapped up so well and it all came together and no one was left unsure about a character’s future. I bawled my eyes out, laughed, and was in awe of the wonderful storytelling. It was perfect.”



In Veep, when Selina and her team hoped something big would happen — like Tom Hanks dying — in the pilot episode to prevent the media from reporting on her scandal, and then in the finale, Tom Hanks’s death overshadowed the news of her own funeral.


“The show’s ending was so sad and bitter (but still funny), just like Selina Meyer was. Her betrayal of Gary was fittingly terrible, and the finale called back to so many hilarious moments throughout the show’s run, including the Tom Hanks bit. Brilliant.”



In Mad Men, when Don Draper smiled while meditating on a mountaintop, and you originally thought it was because he found peace, but then you realized it was because he came up with the concept for a new Coke commercial.


“I’ve watched this ending scene soooooo many times, and there was so much room for error, but they ended the series in the perfect way and with the perfect advert. In my mind, Don’s final ‘ommm’ sounds like ‘home.’ Then we hear a ding in the background, as if he’s had an idea, and the lyrics ‘I’d like to buy the world a home’ play as Don smiles. Then it cuts to the iconic Coca-Cola commercial, suggesting that he created it. Brilliant.”



In How to Get Away with Murder, when the show ended the same exact way it began, and Wes’s son became the new Annalise Keating.


“It took me two days to process the finale because it was so fast-paced and so much happened in that one episode. But after that, I felt very satisfied with the finale. Everyone got what they deserve.”



In Boy Meets World, when everyone ended up in the classroom with Mr. Feeny one last time, and they opened up about what he meant to them.


“It was such a great ending! Fantastic parting words from everyone, and a perfect closer from Mr. Feeny.”



In Jane the Virgin, everyone got the happy ending they deserved, and there was a full-circle moment with Jane and the viewer.

The CW

“After all they’ve been through, everyone was happy and ended up in good relationships. Plus, Jane and Petra became even better friends during the last season, which was just perfect. I loved it.”



In Fleabag, when Fleabag and The Priest parted ways after confessing their love for each other, and she broke the fourth wall one final time to say goodbye.


Fleabag‘s ending is so perfect. Actually, I need a better word than ‘perfect.’ That last scene with The Priest has so much character growth (she opens up to someone! She accepts his rejection but loves herself anyway! She’s ready to live without an audience and be alone with herself!), and it just gives you this feeling that this character you’ve come to love is really going to be okay. And even though it’s the WOOOOORST that there are no more episodes, you’re almost fine with it because you’re just happy for her. I have never, ever been so satisfied by the finale of a show like this.”



In Schitt’s Creek, when everyone got the happy ending they deserved and even the town’s billboard got an upgrade.


“Everything fit so effortlessly, from the wedding, to the goodbyes, to the town’s billboard. It was just perfect.”

hellofriend325 and ashh49


In Parks and Recreation, when all of the flash-forwards revealed exactly what each character ended up doing, but there was still enough room for interpretation.


“By spending the last half of the season concluding everyone’s character arcs and storylines, we got to spend the finale seeing their next chapters. There’s closure, but certain unanswered questions are left for fans to fill in on their own. It was so sweet and memorable.”



In That ’70s Show, when everyone counted down to the new year, and the screen cut to black one second before it became the first day of 1980.


“I mean, the show was only about the ’70s, so this made perfect sense. It was such a smart way to illustrate it and to end the series.”



In The Mary Tyler Moore Show, when Mary talked about how all of her coworkers became her family, and then she turned off the lights to the newsroom one final time.


“It’s a bittersweet and funny episode that brings the whole show to a perfect ending. The big hug in the final scene, followed by Mary turning off the lights in the newsroom, would make anyone cry. Perfection.”



In Scandal, when Olivia Pope’s portrait hung in the gallery, and two little girls looked at it with admiration and hope.



In The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, when Will said his goodbyes to everyone, turned off the lights, and Carlton ran downstairs because he realized everyone left without him.


“It was a great ending on both a sweet and funny note.”



In M*A*S*H, when the Korean War ended and Hawkeye rode off in the helicopter and saw the note that B.J. left for him.


“The ending was simple but had all the emotion that you were looking for. It showed extreme character growth, provided happy endings, and showed the reality and trauma that would haunt these characters for the rest of their lives. Iconic, no questions asked.”

beauw4f76c018b and byn77


In 30 Rock, when everything ended with Liz’s great-granddaughter pitching a TV series about her time at 30 Rock to an immortal Kenneth.


“It has a really lovely ending that drives home some series-long jokes, tied up Liz and Jack’s relationship in a mature way that made sense, and just stayed true to the whole show. It was just right.”



And in The Office, when everyone realized how much their lives had been shaped by Dunder Mifflin…and then Creed was arrested.


“It wraps up so many storylines, and although the last season had its ups and downs, the finale was so beautiful.”


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