Young Woman Get Shot And Post It On Facebook

Donesha Grantt and her mother shot several times well sitting in there car, instead of calling the 911 she did something very different, she made a selfie video and posted it to Facebook. In the video, you see Donesha crying and saying

“I’m bleeding. I been shot. What if i die.”

The video received 300,000 views and a lot of backlash right before Facebook took it down, the backlash came from a lot of people  after viewing Donesha photo album where she posted pictures with guns.


Interim City Manager David Chiverton told CBS Miami it was a targeted attack, and that the suspects are still at-large. He added: ‘We take it very seriously and we are aggressively investigating and pursuing every opportunity to bring these culprits to justice. Lucky Donesha and her mother survived this ordeal and are doing ok shortly after Donesha was back on Facebook with this post 30D9244A00000578-3430364-image-a-44_1454525303266

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