Worst first jobs celebrities had before they were famous.

Fetty Wap worked at FedEx for only 2 days.

Before he was rapping hit lyrics, he was actually wrapping packages.

Fetty Wap only worked at FedEx for about 48 hours before a one week stint at Popeyes. He told Interview magazine that at that time he just “needed a check.” We’re guessing he’s doing just fine now.


Gabourey Sidibe worked for a phone-sex company, and treated her shift like an acting class.

Gabourey told People Magazine in March that the closest thing she had to an acting class was acting like a 21-year-old girl named Melody on the phone when she worked at a phone-sex company.

“I was actually pretty good at it,” she told the mag. After two months of working for the company, she was promoted but eventually quit after landing a starring role in the movie “Precious.”

Nicki Minaj was a waitress at Red Lobster.

Before she was beefing with other female artists, the only drama Minaj faced during her rise to fame was from her customers at Red Lobster.
According to GQ Magazine, the “No Frauds” songstress waited tables at the popular chain restaurant in high school until she was eventually fired for “discourtesy to customers.”
“I chased a customer out of the restaurant once so I could stick my middle finger up at her and demand that she give me my pen back,” Minaj told Billboard. “I swear to God I was bad.”

Kanye West proudly embraces his time at the Gap.

As rapped in his 2004 song “Spaceship,” Yeezy was in fact a sales assistant for the Gap at the age of 15.
West told Paper Magazine that he hated working at the chain retailer at the time, mostly because he didn’t work enough hours to get an employee discount. Ironic given that he now has his own high-end clothing line.
Today, West has no issue with the company and told Vanity Fair in 2015 that he wants to make it better. “When I say [I want to be the] Steve Jobs of the Gap … I’m not talking about a capsule. I’m talking about full Hedi Slimane creative control of the Gap is what I would like to do,” he said.


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