Women’s discount at local pub draws ire

Women’s discount at local pub draws ire

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Morrissey House in London, Ontario is hosting a ladies’ night with a ocial conscience, offering women a 13% discount in the name of the wage gap

A Canadian pub that gives a discount to women to help remedy pay inequality is facing backlash from a patron who says the policy discriminates against men.

The Morrissey House in Ontario offers a 13% discount to women on Mondays, recognising that women earn 87 cents for every dollar men earn in Canada.

Owner Mark Serre said an irate customer has threatened to file a complaint with the provincial human rights commission.

The new promotion also raises money for local charities that benefit women.

Mr Serre said he has no problem with the customer complaining to the human rights commission, but he does not think the promotion is discriminatory.

“It’s his right. If he feels wronged, then I applaud him for taking it to the (commission). But I think he’s taking it the wrong way,” Mr Serre told the CBC.

“As a general rule of life, women should get paid equally. I think that’s important. Is it worth my 13 per cent on a Monday night? Absolutely. Is it worth a conversation? Absolutely. I hope people embrace it.”

The Ontario Human Rights Commission investigates complaints that violate the province’s human rights code, inc

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