Wife of Road Wars PC learned of his death on police computer

Wife of Road Wars PC learned of his death on police computer

Samantha Dixon, the wife of PC James Dixon, found out her husband had died when she saw a message on her police computer

The wife of a famous policeman who tragically died in a road accident learned of his death through a police computer, she has revealed.

PC James ‘Dixie’ Dixon, who was well known from the TV show Road Wars, was killed instantly when the motorcycle he was riding hit a car in Wargrave, Berkshire in December last year.

His wife, Samantha Dixon, who is also a police officer, was heavily pregnant at the time of his death and has since given birth to their son, Parker.

The 35-year-old has told how she read a message on the computer system at the police force where she and PC Dixon worked, which stated her husband was ‘going to die or was dead’. 

She told the BBC of her disbelief, saying: ‘I thought, “no, it won’t be him, he’s invincible”, because you always think that they are.’

Mr Dixon’s death caused a huge outpouring emotion among fans of the TV show he starred in and grieving colleagues, who described him as ‘really, really good bloke’ and a ‘really fine officer who was great with everyone’.

PC James Dixon, who was known as ‘Dixie’ by friends and on the Sky show Road Wars, was killed in a collision while on duty

His wife – a family liason officer who helps relatives of victims of crime and road accidents deal with their loss – had to cope with the grief in the last weeks of her pregnancy.

She gave birth to baby Parker earlier this year, amid a wave of support from her late husband’s colleagues and fans.

She told the BBC this week: ‘Rather than focus on everything I have lost, which is my world, I focus on Parker and everything I have got now because that way the positive emotions kee

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