Wife of disgraced Brit doctor pictured kissing Elle MacPherson shocked

Wife of disgraced Brit doctor pictured kissing Elle MacPherson shocked

The wife of a disgraced British doctor pictured kissing Elle MacPherson is ‘shocked’ at the public romance, her family told MailOnline today.

Andrew Wakefield was pictured locking lips with the model and underwear tycoon nicknamed ‘the body’ at a food market in Miami, Florida

But the snaps have upset Wakefield’s wife Carmel because they only recently separated, according to her brother. 

Finbar O’Donovan said his sister split with Wakefield in April. 

But Elle was first pictured looking cosy with Wakefield in November last year with her arm draped over his shoulder at the Doctors Who Rock gala dinner in Florida.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline Mr O’Donovan said: ‘We had no idea that Andrew was seeing Elle Macpherson. 

‘My sister and Andrew only split up a few months ago. They are not divorced yet but they plan to.’ 

Moving on: Elle Macpherson, 54, locked lips with new man Andrew Wakefield while shopping at Glaser’s Farm organic market in Miami on Friday

The photos of Wakefield kissing Elle MacPherson have shocked his wife Carmel Wakefield (pictured with him in London in 2010) whose brother said they had only recently separated

Despite claims by the family of Wakefield’s wife that they only separated a few months ago, the doctor and MacPherson were first pictured (above) looking cosy together in November 2017 at the Doctors Who Rock Awards

The Wakefield family – Andrew’s ex-wife, Carmel, and their four children – are pictured in a photograph published in 2010

Wakefield is a former doctor and researcher who spawned the modern anti-vaccination movement with widely discredited research, claiming that the MMR jab causes autism and bowel disease. He is married with four children. 

But speaking from his home Dronfield, Derbyshire, Wakefield’s brother-in-law told how his sister, was ‘stunned and surprised’ by the photos.

Mr O’Donovan, 71, said: ‘Carmel called me this morning saying, ‘Have you seen the photos of Andrew and Elle Macpherson kissing on the MailOnline?’ I told her I hadn’t but I took a look. 

‘She sounded shocked and said she was very surprised but also seemed amused that her husband had found a new girlfriend, who is a top model. 

‘She feels let down because it would seem that they got together soon after she and Andrew split, which was only a few months ago. It is very soon after a marriage breakdown.’ 

Mr O’Donovan said his sister had stood by her disgraced husband and moved to the US with him in the wake of the MMR scandal.

Changing things up: In May, Elle spoke about how she had to overhaul her diet as she got older in a bid to maintain her youthful looks

Stepping out: The outing comes a year after Elle was reportedly awarded $79million in her divorce from billionaire Jeffrey Soffer

He explained: ‘They had to move to America, his career was in ruins here, and my sister was always one of his biggest supporters professionally.’ 

He said Carmel and the four children had all become American citizens and would be staying in the States. 

Mr O’Donovan said he was no longer in contact with his brother-in-law.    

Wakefield was banned from practising medicine in the UK in 2010, but now travels across the US to share his controversial views.

Elle, who is a keen advocate of healthy eating, appeared relaxed in her new man’s company, wearing a light blue shirt over matching trousers. 

Wakefield – who was born in Eton, Berkshire – speculated that being injected with a ‘dead’ form of the measles virus via vaccination causes disruption to intestinal tissue.

After his paper was published in 1998, vaccinations plummeted in the UK from over 90 per cent to as low as 61 per cent in parts of London in 2003.

In the country as a whole, the vaccination rate fell from 92 per cent in 1996 to 84 per cent in 2002.  

By 2006, the rate for MMR vaccination was still at just 85 per cent.   

The recorded number of measles in the country went from 56 in 1998 to 449 in 2006.  

Wakefield (right) and Macphereson (back center) are seen at an event earlier this year 

Living her best life: The 54-year-old appeared in good spirits as she filled up her basket with produce, with her new man in tow 

In the US, meanwhile, researchers have estimated that as many as 125,000 children born in the late 1990s were not given the MMR vaccination because of Wakefield’s spurious claims. 

His message has also been blamed for spikes in measles rates elsewhere in the world. 

In 2014, science journalist Laurie Garrett, who works for the Council on Foreign Relations think tank, said: ‘Our data suggests that where Wakefield’s message has caught on, measles follows.’   

In 2004, Wakefield’s theory was found to have been based on false evidence – it was retracted by the journal The Lancet in 2010, and he was banned from practising medicine in the UK three months later.

One of the other authors of the paper, John Walker-Smith, was also struck off.   

Wakefield has also found an ally in President Donald Trump.

He met the president along with four other anti-vaccine campaigners in the summer of 2016 as well as attending one of his inauguration balls after Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

Wakefield moved to Texas after his work on autism and MMR vaccinations was discredited. 

She told InStyle: ‘I realised that I couldn’t really rely on genetics anymore’

Chic: Elle, who is a keen advocate of healthy eating, appeared relaxed in her new man’s company, wearing a light blue shirt over matching trousers

It has ultimately proved very lucrative for the disgraced doctor, who now lives in a large house in Austin and works for numerous non-profit groups. 

One of those groups spent over 40 per cent of its donations on his salary by paying him more than $300,000 over five years. 

In a Mail on Sunday article published last year, a source told the paper that Wakefield had been paid $10,000 for a single appearance in the state – but the former doctor denied the claim.

One said that he gets ‘perhaps $1,000 maximu

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