Wicker Man roller coaster, scarier than the bees, will hurtle you through fire

Wicker Man roller coaster, scarier than the bees, will hurtle you through fire

No, it’s not the bees, but a new roller coaster themed to The Wicker Man films looks just as terrifying.

Announced on Sunday, the new attraction — which bears the same title as the 1973 Christopher Lee thriller and its notoriously awful remake starring Nicolas Cage — is scheduled to open this spring at Alton Towers, one of the U.K.’s leading theme parks. The films upon which the ride is based (both inspired by David Pinner’s 1967 novel Ritual) follow detectives investigating the case of a missing child, a chase that brings them to a mysterious island whose inhabitants practice a twisted form of neo-paganism involving human sacrifices.

Touted as a “multisensory rite of passage guaranteed to get your heart pumping and senses tingling,” the Alton Towers ride is currently under construction via the Pennsylvania-based company Great Coasters International, the same organization responsible for recent wooden creations in U.S. parks like Kings Island’s Mystic Timbers, Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s InvadR, and Gold Striker at California’s Great America.

Preview images for the coaster — the first wooden design to be built in Britain in over two decades — show the 2,028-foot-long track passing through a 58-foot-tall humanoid figure reminiscent of the structure that appears at the end of both films. Riders will seemingly blast through the towering formation at high speed while fire and lighting effects flare up around them.

In case you were concerned about, you know, potentially meeting the same crispy fate as the characters played by Cage and Edward Woodward in both versions of the film (wood is flammable, FYI!), the park has taken extra steps to enhance the safety of Wicker Man‘s rid

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