Where is the Palestinian leadership amid this catastrophe?

Where is the Palestinian leadership amid this catastrophe?

Internal Palestinian politics resembles a swamp, and Ramallah is the murkiest part of it.

These otherwise calm waters were muddied five months ago, when the United States altered its long-standing policy on Jerusalem and local and international political actors reacted accordingly. On May 14, these changes took effect and the US Embassy was moved to a compound in Jerusalem situated on the 1949 armistice line, thus solidifying Israel’s claim on the whole city.

The ensuing narrative in Palestine has been that the reaction of the Palestinian Authority (PA) to these changes was the strongest in years. It declared it would no longer consider the US a relevant actor in the peace process and called for a series of “day of rage” protests.

It is naive, however, to suggest that the US is no longer a relevant actor to our fate as Palestinians. I would rather argue that the Palestinian political leadership is the party made irrelevant. And we, the Palestinian people, have been completely sidelined in the decision-making over our future.

Since December, we’ve been through an endless cycle of reactionary rhetoric without any real vision or stated plan of action. It led many to believe the Palestinian leadership did not intend to change the status quo, despite all the fiery speeches.

In fact, it has taken measures to entrench even further its grip on power over a growingly destitute and desperate Palestinian population living under

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