What to look for in a Microphone.

I remember when I brought my first microphone a “Samson CO3 Multi-Pattern Condenser Mic”, I didn’t know what I was looking for, I just bought it because it look’d professional. It cost me $300 dollars I saved up every penny to get that mic, today you can find one on Amazon.com for $109. Don’t get me wrong this mic performs very well, I still use it today. Since then I have bought two more microphones, another condenser mic and a dynamic mic. You might be saying to yourself; What is a condenser mic or dynamic mic and what is the different? Well condenser and dynamic are 2 types of microphone and actually there are 3 types of microphones dynamic, condenser, and ribbon. The definition of a CONDENSER MICROPHONE in which the sound waves cause a variation in capacitance, the vibrating diaphragm acting as one plate of a condenser. Condenser mics tend to give a brighter sound than the other mic types and need 48V phantom power they are sometime expensive. The definition of a DYNAMIC MICROPHONE in which the sound waves cause a movable wire or coil to vibrate in a magnetic field and thus induce a current. Now this mic give you good bass or mid-range sound you might have seen it before, maybe at a concert or at your local church they are built very sturdy, it doesn’t require phantom power, and affordable. The definition of a RIBBON MICROPHONE, also known as a ribbon velocity microphone, is a type of microphone that uses a thin aluminum, duraluminum or nanofilm of electrically conductive ribbon placed between the poles of a magnet to produce a voltage by electromagnetic induction. This mic give you a warmer nartual sound are very expensive, they are mostly used for miking pianos, and other instruments. So there you have it the 3 different types of microphones always remember your mic is your tool just like a hammer to help you build your music so choose wisely.


condenser mic




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Ribbon mic

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