What is behind the Surabaya attacks in Indonesia?

What is behind the Surabaya attacks in Indonesia?

Surabaya, Indonesia – As soon as Ani found out she was living next to a house full of explosives, she has not been able to sleep.

Ani is not her real name – she is too scared to reveal her identity.

For seven years, she was a neighbour of Dita Oeprianto and Puji Kuswati and their four children at a housing complex in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second largest city.

Ani and Puji often exchanged cooking recipes and discussed their children’s school results. Ani said she admired her neighbours for raising their children into polite and kind human beings.

On Saturday, while her nine-year-old daughter was playing outside, Puji told Ani she could pick star fruits from a tree in her garden any time, without asking for permission.

Now, Ani has realised that this was Puji’s way to say goodbye.

Church attacks

On Sunday morning, Dita, Puji and their children left their house with bombs strapped to their bodies.

Dita dropped off his wife and two young daughters at a church in their hometown and drove to another one by himself.

Their two teenage sons took a motorcycle to a third church.

Within minutes apart, the family members blew themselves up.

Old friends o

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