Waitress, 27, quits job after bosses took more than £700 of her tips

Waitress, 27, quits job after bosses took more than £700 of her tips

Emma Smith, from Manchester revealed her employers at Albert’s were taking her tips

A waitress who quit her job has revealed her employers dipped into her tips and fined staff for not clearing tables on time.

Emma Smith also said staff at Albert’s restaurant in Didsbury were never given tips when they were paid by card.

To prove her point she published her payslips to evidence her bosses took over £700 of her tips.

Miss Smith, from Manchester, was employed for five months at the restaurant before she quit last week over the tip row.

Taking to Facebook, the 27-year-old shared a selection of her payslips which she insists show hundreds of pounds deducted from her tips.

The restaurant has admitted keeping some of the tips given to staff but insisted it was no more than 10%.

They also admitted a small number of charges for staff mistakes.

Emma, a former customer service manager, caused a storm on social media with her post which has already attracted 3,800 shares and 2,000 likes.

One payslip showed a staggering £224 deduction from Miss Smith’s wages – with further deductions for kitchen staff 

The payslips and tips cheques from Elle R Leisure show the waitresses tips were taken from her

Emma’s post has caused a storm on social media, and already has over 3,800 shares and 2,000 likes

Taking to Facebook, the former waitress claimed: ‘Albert’s unfairly take tips off their staff to line the owners pockets.

‘If you’re happy that the majority of your card tips go direct to the company then continue to do so, I just thought everyone should be aware of this. The only tips we actually get are cash.’

She also alleged: ‘I have just left this company as 70% of the card tips and 10% service charges go directly to the owners and are used to pay the salaried staff their wages.

‘At the end of every night Albert’s take a percentage of our sales off us.

Whether we have actually made the tips or not, they take a cut of everything we have sold from us that day. So theoretically we could end up paying out of our own pocket.

‘Then every fortnight we get a cheque showing us how much money we have made on card tips and then it shows the massive reduction that goes to ‘Albert’s house’ and the disheartening figure that we are actually coming away with.

‘Some cheques can be in minus figures if we haven’t made enough, and so we then owe the company money.’

Alongside her resignation email, Emma also shared her payslips.

They show £657.07 deducted by ‘House Didsbury’. In one instance, £224.40

The tips collected by Emma Smith were taken from her and absorbed by the business in Didsbury. Her employers said they only take 10%


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