Weekly Rapdown: Week 19 – Kilauea & National Nurses Week

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The next Weekly Rapdown is here and my psychedelic psychosis started to kick in.
We’re now in the 19th week of the year and Arab Spring has NOT slowed down yet.
Gender will no longer be specified in Ontario birth certificates, and National Nurses Week honors an altruistic profession and the life of Florence Nightingale.

All that and more this week! Check it out.
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(I)nspire tank by @crispykartel

Beat by S’pply n D’mand

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Meet the world’s oldest leader, Malaysia’s Mahathir Mohamad
92 and still fighting. Not close to retirement.
Environment is different in Russia since Putin was sworn in.
Swarms of protests led to 1000s of arrests
X – gender – Ontario, Canada birth
certificates now apply to non-binary members
Major miners died from mining Pakistan. Dozens
in kenya swept for dead after a burst in the patel dam.

Israel now airstrikes the Syrian cause
Meanwhile an explosion takes lives in an Afghanistan mosque.
Sharia Law. Somalia. Men are allowed four wives but if a
woman has husbands’s’s she’s stoned alive
…. almost 200 feral horses found
dead from Navajos due to Arizona droughts.
Two teachers in Kentucky and Texas terminated/
suspended and for what? By simply coming out?

Kilauea calamity as Hawaii pops a red one.
Thousands left to seek shelter while the death toll is no one
Positive thoughts. The Cherokee nation donated half a
mil to volunteer firefighters in Oklahoma.
Jay & Em are suing the Weinsteins for six figures
National Nurses Week THIS WEEK has had its moments.
Honoring from every clinic and hospital commemorating the
founder of modern nursing. Miss Nightingale, Florence.


Malaysia’s new leader is world’s oldest leader

Thousands in Russia arrested protesting Putin’s election win

Ontario, Canada first to give birth certificates with no male or female gender

23 Miners died in two different incidents in Pakistan

Patel Dam in Kenya bursts and kills dozens

Israel send airstrikes to Syria

14 killed, 36 injured in Mosque explosion. Afghanistan.

Somalia. Woman stoned to death for having 11 husbands

191 horses found in Navajo region of Arizona due to drought and famine

Kentucky middle school teacher fired for coming out as bisexual

Texas teacher suspended for showing photos online of ‘future wife’

Hawaii’s Kilauea erupts and takes dozens of homes. 2,000 residents flee

Cherokee nation donates $500,000 to Oklahoma volunteer firefighters

Jay Z & Eminem sue the Weinstein Company over music & documentary fees owed

National Nurse Week, commemorating Florence Nightingale

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