Turk Wins His Lawsuit Against Cash Money Records

After Cash Money failed to respond to his $1.3 million lawsuit last month, former Hot Boy Turk filed a default motion with a Louisiana U.S. District Court judge. The judge agreed with Turk and his lawyer, granting the motion and giving the N.O. native the opportunity to recover the publishing and royalty money he claims he never received as a Cash Money recording artist. Now it will be up to the judge to decide exactly how much money Turk will receive.

This news may be heartening for Turk’s fellow ex-Hot Boy, Lil’ Wayne, who also has an active lawsuit against Cash Money Records. Wayne’s suit differs from Turk’s in that he’s not claiming unpaid royalties or publishing money, but a breach of contract directly related to profit shares. The two suits are similar in that both claim a lack of accounting or records of profits and how those profits are distributed.

If this most recent loss is any indication of which direction the legal tides are turning when it concerns Cash Money records, then it may be a long summer for Baby and Slim.

Source: Turk Wins His Lawsuit Against Cash Money Records

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