Tory rebels warn PM MUST honour vow to give MPs control over Brexit

Tory rebels warn PM MUST honour vow to give MPs control over Brexit

MPs have been voting on the EU Withdrawal Bill – commonly known as the Brexit Bill.

The legislation facilitates Britain’s withdrawal from the EU and is one of the most important pieces of legislation debated by Parliament.

Over yesterday and today Theresa May faces one of the toughest tests of her premiership so far as she tries to navigate the legislation through a series of knife-edge votes.

What are the Brexit Bill amendments being debated by MPs?

There are 15 Brexit Bill amendments which are being voted on by MPs in a crunch two-day Commons showdown.

The House of Lords drew up the changes when they debated the Bill last month because they want to change the way the Government is negotiating Brexit.

Changes being voted on include proposals to try to keep the UK in the EU single market and customs union in a move which would mean the UK would have to keep free movement.

Brexiteers say the changes are wrecking amendments designed to thwart Brexit and bind the Government’s hands in the talks.

Mrs May has scrambled to try to bargain with Tory rebels to ensure they don’t revolt against her in the knife-edge votes.  

What are the most important amendments ?

There are two crucial amendments which the Government feared it would face defeat on.

The first, debated yesterday, was to give MPs a ‘meaningful vote’ on the Brexit deal. This would effectively have allowed MPs to seize of the negotiations if Theresa May failed to reach a deal by December.

The second is an amendment to try to force the UK to seek to stay in a customs union with the EU after Brexit, which is being debated today.

Mrs May has explicitly ruled this out as it would effectively stop Britain from being bale to negotiate its own trade deals with other countries.   

What happened last night?   

The PM narrowly avoided a humiliating

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