The Voice recap: ‘Live Top 11 Performances’

The Voice recap: ‘Live Top 11 Performances’

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At this point, we can pretty much all agree that this season of The Voice has been a bit tedious, right? Sure, there are some singers who seem to be progressing in a big way (especially so tonight, for a couple of them), but there have also been a lot of uneven moments and a general directionlessness in the song selections.

This time, the show hands the keys to each contestants’ fans to see what they think their favorites should be performing, and it’s a marked improvement for almost everyone involved, as far as fit goes. It’s still a little hard to see an endgame taking shape for this season, though, since so few have been consistently good. For now, we’ll just have to take this thing week by week and see how it all shakes out, because right now it’s pretty much anyone’s game and no one’s all at once.

Team Blake: Pryor Baird
“Night Moves” by Bob Seg

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