The Real Housewives of Atlanta recap: ‘Reunion Part 2’

The Real Housewives of Atlanta recap: ‘Reunion Part 2’

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Consider me living in absolute A Quiet Place-style fear of the next RHOA reunion. And, yes, I am starting off the Reunion’s part two recap by talking about the still unseen part three installment. Because I know what’s coming — no one would ever suggest that I need to shut up and look pretty. At the end of a long weekend, I look like I’ve rolled around on the floor of the lesser Bar One after a sliders’ happy hour and, along with Kandi, am here to tell you that the future is nigh and it is an incomprehensible expanse of screams and bleeps.

The mood during part two, however, was almost…friendly? Not, like, run across the hall to grab a full lasagna dinner at your neighbors’ Monica and Rachel kind of friendly, but definitely wave at your neighbor from across the grocery store and duck into an aisle you don’t need to be in just to avoid an uncomfortable interaction kind of friendly. Kenya and Porsha kept it real with each other during the breaks without having to pull even a single weave. Kandi and Porsha finally made a peaceful plan to move forward that seemed genuine. Eva, possibly moments away from going into labor within the near vicinity of wh

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