The Last O.G. star Tracy Morgan on how 30 Rock saved him — and calling Lorne Michaels ‘bitch’

The Last O.G. star Tracy Morgan on how 30 Rock saved him — and calling Lorne Michaels ‘bitch’

Tracy Morgan returns to series TV in TBS comedy The Last O.G., four years after surviving a horrific car accident that left him in a coma. The 49-year-old comedian — and alum of such essential comedies as Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock — stars as Trey, a big-hearted ex-con who moves back to Brooklyn, where his now-married ex, Shay (Tiffany Haddish), is raising twin teens he didn’t know were his. Which brings us to the theme of the show: “Redemption, simple and plain,” says Morgan, who drew from parts of his own life to help frame this at-times-melancholy, at times-ribald comedy. “I knew these people—people that got locked up, did their time, tried to come out and do the right thing. It’s about leaving the party. It’s about growing up.”

While Morgan’s episodic television homecoming on The Last O.G. (debuting April 3 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT) marks another step in his Hollywood comeback — he first returned with the 2017 big-screen comedy Fist Fight and Netflix stand-up special Staying Alive — he is quick to note that its significance is dwarfed by a far more important victory: “It was about walking, about talking again, about coming out of that coma,” he tells EW. “That’s how deep it got for me. It’s a beautiful thing being able to do the things that I loved to do, like TV and be funny for the world, but for me it was different. It was deeper than that, man! Coming out of a coma took everything I had. It took all my might. My daughter was only 10 months old!”

Without missing a beat, he then adds: “You know who the last O.G. is? My first O.G. was my daddy. My last O.G. was Jimmy Mack [James McNair, Morgan’s friend and fellow comedian who died when Morgan’s vehicle was hit by a Walmart truck]. He was 62 years old, he had seen it, did it, and was giving me that knowledge. That’s called the O.G. The greatest O.G. in the universe was Ben Kenobi, baby! That was Luke

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