The hypocrisy of the European People’s Party

The hypocrisy of the European People’s Party

Seventy years ago, in the aftermath of the total destruction that the unleashing of rabid nationalism brought to Europe, a group of visionary men came together with an idea of uniting European countries. At the helm of this project was a circle of influential Christian Democrats, including Italian prime minister and anti-fascist politician Alcide De Gasperi and French politician Robert Schuman, who became the first president of the European Parliamentary Assembly. 

Today, the European People’s Party (EPP) is the ideological heir of this influential group. With 219 members, it is currently the largest political force in the European Parliament and de facto leads the other two main EU institutions, holding the presidency of the Commission and the Council. It is not an exaggeration to say that today the EPP is leading the EU, just as its predecessor were in its dawn.

The EPP has expressed its commitment to the vision and principles upheld by the EU’s Founding Fathers, who laid the foundations of a Europe of peace, prosperity, and unity, of progressive thought that opens borders. 

Therefore, today, the EEP should be at the forefront of combating the deepening internal crisis the EU is facing and the rise of the far right and nationalist populism. At least on paper, the EPP group has repeatedly reiterated its commitment to rejecting of all destructive trends challenging the Union.

In practice, however, the EEP is giving shelter to a toxic political project that threatens the very foundations of

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