The Game Talks About The Baltimore Riots In A Open Letter

A day after the Baltimore riots, Compton rapper The Game have decided to write a letter to Billboard to share his thoughts on the Baltimore riot, reflecting on witnessing and participating in LA riots at age 11 and the struggle and strive of being an African American to get to a equal level. If you haven’t been watching the news or keeping up of what’s going on in America, a 25-year-old Baltimore native named Freddie Grey was arrested on April 12. Grey was escorted to the police station by officers while he was unable to breathe and was wounded. On April 19, Freddie Grey died and the citizens of Baltimore went into rage, which causes the riot. The game decided to pour his emotions into a letter for Billboard to read.

“I witnessed and was a part of the ’92 riots in Los Angeles, and you know the damage that did — not just to Los Angeles, but Watts, Compton, South Central and those areas,” Game wrote. “That happened when I was 11 years old. I remember looting and throwing bottles and jumping on bottles, jumping on police cars and just being angry. At the moment, it felt great. I felt like, you always hate the police for whatever reason. It all seemed cool for the moment, but now I’m 35. Looking back at what we did as a collective, a young black collective, we ruined our own neighborhood. Those stores which were in our neighborhood were no longer there and the other stores were 5 to 10 miles away, and it crippled our parents to have to venture out even further. I feel like we’re seeing the same things happening in Baltimore.”

To read the full letter, click the link below.

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