Talib Kweli’s Statement On Music And Corrupt Cops At Block Party LA

Talib Kweli did a performance in Los Angeles On May 9 at the second annual Block Party La, which he is the headliner of the concert. Performing songs such as Get By, performing his verse from Kanye West’s Get ‘Em High song and Make It Classy, which he performs the track over DJ Mustard’s Who Do You Love and Rack City beats. During his performance, Talib spoke on his statement on today’s social justice and how hip-hop is a unifer and that hip-hop does not kill people but corrupt cops does.

“You don’t have to apologize for being poor,” Kweli said. “Fuck your respectability, man. We deserve to be here. We deserve to be here. Anybody else who’s compassionate, intelligent, and believes in freedom, you know that if you deserve to be here, everybody deserves to be here and you stand in solidarity. You don’t be like, ‘What about my life? What about me? I can’t relate to that.’ You don’t do that. You save that for some other time. When you stand up for what you gotta stand up for, we got you. We got your back. We’re in this together.

He also brought up the issue on how hip-hop does not kill people and how th music is a unifer.

“Anybody who loves Hip Hop knows that Hip Hop is a unifier and brings people of all different cultures and races and creeds and nationalities to one place for this music. The music could never be evil. The music does not kill people. Corrupt cops kill people. Systemic racism kills people. We’re not talking about individuals. We’re pushing back against systems. Understand that it’s not about being racist, it’s not about saying one person’s life matters over another. It’s about equality and justice. Without justice, we’re not going to be peaceful. You can’t be peaceful if you have no justice.”

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