T.I. Wife Tiny Caught Grinding On Mayweather

What’s a dance between two friends, that what T.I. is trying to figure out after video footage of his wife Tiny dancing up on boxer Floyd Mayweather surface you be the judge .


Tiny explained to TMZ that “I was walking out of the party and Mariah and him were taking pictures, and she asked me ‘Tiny come take this picture with me.’ And I’m not just going to tell The Queen no and make a big scene of it… I’m in her party at her house, I’m not going to tell her, ‘No Mariah, I can’t take this picture.’’

Mariah Carey Tiny Floyd Mayweather

Many of you might the brawl that T.I. and Mayweather had at a Las Vegas Fatburger because of  a picture Tiny took with Mayweather daughter in which Tiny posted on Instagram saying writing the girl was her ‘new boo.’  Which made T.I. mad.

Then Floyd went on a press conference ranting about how he had sexual relations with Tiny in which he back tracked later.

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