Survivor: Ghost Island: Meet Laurel in 60 seconds

Survivor: Ghost Island: Meet Laurel in 60 seconds

Laurel Johnson loves Survivor. She loves watching it, and hopefully she loves playing it because that is actually what she is going to be doing when Survivor: Ghost Island premieres Feb. 28 on CBS.

But we decided to give her a little game before the game, if you will. Two days prior to introducing herself to her new tribemates out on the island, we asked Laurel to introduce herself to America, but in only 60 seconds. How would she do? Would she fill that time with fascinating little pearls of wisdom and acumen, or would she resort to telling us about her favorite pizza toppings? There’s only one way to find out: Let’s head to the videotape! (And by videotape, I mean the clip at the top of the post.)

And if that is not enough Laurel Johnson for you, then go and scan through her official bio below.

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