Survivor: Ghost Island finale recap: ‘It is game time, kids’

Survivor: Ghost Island finale recap: ‘It is game time, kids’


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In the end, it all came down to Laurel. That’s right, Laurel Johnson — the woman who had her finger on the trigger ever since the merge but just couldn’t pull it; the woman who rode the two horses that could get her to the end even though it was impossible to defeat them; the woman who played the best third place game ever. Ladies and gentlemen, Laurel Johnson just cast the most important vote in Survivor history.

After 39 days, 17 other vote-offs, and 548 idols, fake idols, advantages, and cursed voting urns, everything came down to one vote. And why? Because Jeff Probst is a freakin’ psychic.

Seriously, how else to explain it? Just one year ago, Jeff Probst shocked fans during the Survivor: Game Changers finale when he revealed one of the show’s biggest secrets: what would happen in the event of a tie at the final Tribal Council. He announced that if there was a tie between two players, that the third player in the finals would then cast the deciding vote for the winner. But it had nev

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