Survivor: Donathan Hurley on why he didn’t vote for Laurel

Survivor: Donathan Hurley on why he didn’t vote for Laurel

He started off the season as someone that had never left the country and seemed overwhelmed by his surroundings. He left as the Tribal Council bomb-thrower never afraid to mix it up. Donathan Hurley may not have won Survivor: Ghost Island, but he became a fan favorite along the way. And his game was somewhat handcuffed by his partner Laurel’s refusal to make a big move in taking on and taking out the two biggest threats in Dom and Wendell.

How frustrated was Donathan at not being able to make a move? Why did he vote for Wendell to win and not his big ally in Laurel? What would he do differently if able to play again? And hwo doe she feel about pop star Sia giving him $10,000 at the live show? We asked Donathan all that and more after the finale. (Also make sure to read our Q&A with winner Wendell, our Q&A with runner-up Domenickour chat with tiebreaker Laurelour finale recapfinale Q&A with Jeff Probst, and interview with Probst and Mark Burnett about NEXT season.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What’s going on, Donathan?
DONATHAN HURLEY: It’s been a crazy day. It has been dream come true to make it to the finale, and coming out here meeting all the fans and seeing everything come together. It’s been a great day.

Yeah and uh, hello? Getting $10,000 from a huge pop star in Sia!
Oh my god! I can’t believe it. It just brings tears to my eyes every time I try to even talk about it. Just because I’ve been such a big fan of her, and for her to have been a big fan of me is just mind blowing. And that money, that is so thoughtful. I’m so appreciative of it, and she just blew my mind tonight for sure.

Well, listen, I’ve got some bills to pay. Can you put in a good word for me now that you two are like BFF’s? Can you hook a br

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