Supergirl finale recap: Major changes shake up the DEO

Supergirl finale recap: Major changes shake up the DEO


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We gave it a B

Is your heart warm? Mine’s positively glowing from the variety of joyful, bittersweet, and surprising life changes doled out in Supergirl’s third season finale, which will certainly alter the shape of the show when it returns in the fall. For the last time in season 3, let’s recap.

In the first battle of the night, the DEO and friends spring into action to stop the Krypto-forming, with Alura following her daughter’s lead in deploying eye-lasers and ice-breath. They get a surprise assist from the Legion, who received Mon-El’s beacon even after his tech was destroyed and zipped back to help.

The real hero of the fight is Myr’nn, who performs one rushed final transfer of memories with J’onn to share with him the dawn of their kind and the first keeper of the sacred scrolls.


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