Still Alive? 20-Years After His Death, Tupac’s Been Spotted Again. Here Are 10 Times He’s Been Seen.

While it’s almost been two decades since Tupac’s “death,” he’s been seen partying around the world. Check out these 6 Tupac sightings. Do you think he’s alive?

It’s been twenty years since Tupac and Dre filmed the video for “California Love.” And less than a year later, Tupac Shakur was allegedly killed in Las Vegas. But since his death, there have been numerous Tupac sightings across the country… and world. Do you think he’s still alive? Chillo’s 2006 Music Video: When small-time rapper Chillo from Amsterdam dropped the vid for “Amsterdam to L.A.,” everyone was blown away. Tupac is clearly seen chilling in the car next to Chillo. Some people thought it must be footage from 1996. But Chillo guarantees it’s more recent. “It is 2pac but I cannot say more…sorry,” the rapper said. Seen At Weezy’s 2009 Tour: Lil Wayne got a little jealous when he saw Tupac chilling in the crowd of his 2009 I Am Music Tour. The audience stopped watching Weezy and kept looking at Tupac! Partying In New Orleans 2009: Apparently, Tupac had a lot to see in 2009. TMZ caught him at a New Orleans club. He was smoking Newports and throwing back Hand Grenades. Tupac In Sweden 2012: A lot of the Tupac sightings since his death show him looking about the same as his 25-year-old self. But this one from 2012, shows a 41-year-old Tupac living in Sweden. The guy pictured supposedly has schizophrenia. Could Pac have forgotten who is he?! Outlawz’s 2013 Music Video: While you might think a star who faked his death would try to stay away from the camera, Tupac keeps showing himself. In 2013, Pac’s affiliates, Outlawz, released a video where a fan spotted Tupac in the corner.

Pac With Snoop at 2014 BET Awards: Apparently, Tupac is going out in public more. The photo above was supposedly taken by Snoop Dogg at the 2014 BET Awards. Another photo taken at the award show shows a photobombing Pac.

Source: Still Alive? 20-Years After His Death, Tupac’s Been Spotted Again. Here Are 10 Times He’s Been Seen.

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