Soulja Boy THREATENS Ex Girlfriend Nia Riley And Her ‘New Boyfriend’ With A GUN!


In the video Soulja Boy – real name DeAndre Cortez Way says, ‘Hey dude, f*** you and f*** Nia Riley. Stop playing with me ‘fore some shooters be outside your house,’ he says menacingly. Soulja Boy can then be heard saying ‘kill you’, before once again warning: ‘Stop playing with me.’ 

Soulja Boy Nia Riley

But Nia Riley told TMZ that Soulja Boy was just threatening an ‘Internet troll’ who was trying to wind him up, and that she does not have a boyfriend and will not be reporting the video to the police. 

Soulja Boy

oulja Boy was given 24 months of probation in December 2014 after striking a plea deal, which meant his weapons possession charge was dropped. He was also sentenced to 170 hours of community service and the gun was destroyed.

Soulja Boy Nia Riley

Meanwhile Soulja Boy didn’t appear to have any regrets about sharing the disturbing clip in which he threatened murder on two people, as the next day he tweeted: ‘If you’re not happy do something about it … Hoes can’t compete with queens … I’m not letting anyone get in the way of me doing me.’

Soulja Boy Nia Riley

After the Soulja Boy, shared the threatening video, rapper Skrill Dilly denied social media rumours that he was dating Soulja’s ex Nia Riley. He tweeted: ‘Who is @NiaRiley. Never met her b4 but she’s gorgeous. I haven’t spoken to any media.’ 

Soulja Boy Nia Riley

However Skrill Dilly deleted the tweet after Nia replied: ‘Now you playing yourself. you know who I am, you BEEN following me! Don’t be lame! ‘Soulja Boy and Nia called it quits last week after rowing about a meme she shared to Instagram, which suggested she was ‘halfway into another relationship’.

Soulja Boy Nia Riley

The former couple’s turbulent romance has been documented on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, which premiered its third season last week. Last season saw Soulja Boy struggling to stay faithful to Nia and cheated on her with her friend Nas. 


Source: Soulja Boy THREATENS Ex Girlfriend Nia Riley And Her ‘New Boyfriend’ With A GUN!

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