Shocking moment Scottish Government worker is tied up and gagged

Shocking moment Scottish Government worker is tied up and gagged

Strapped to a chair and gagged with gaffer tape, this woman appears to be the victim of a kidnapping.

The picture shows fisheries worker DeeAnn Fitzpatrick during an incident which she claims was part of a campaign of intimidation she suffered at the hands of her male colleagues.

However, when she complained, her plight was considered by one her managers to be a case of ‘boys being boys’ rather than one of alleged bullying.

A shocking picture shows Marine Scotland employee DeeAnn Fitzpatrick tied up and gagged with tape after she made claims of bullying and harassment by male colleagues in 2010 

Canadian national Ms Fitzpatrick (pictured on the job) told an employment tribunal she suffered years of bullying at the hands of her colleagues 

Miss Fitzpatrick, a Canadian-national, says she faced daily racism, threatening behaviour and even jokes about her recent miscarriage from her male colleagues while working at Marine Scotland as a fisheries officer.

She alleges that campaign against her continued for almost ten years.

Now, after a year off work, Miss Fitzpatrick has brought an employment tribunal case against the Scottish government, which is responsible for the fishing watchdog.

One of the men who allegedly bullied her took the picture in 2010, after Miss Fitzpatrick, from Thurso, Scotland, blew the whistle on what she claims was the misogynistic workplace culture she faced every day.

They allegedly told her: ‘This is what you get when you speak out against the boys.’ After the terrifying ordeal, which has been described as a symptom of office culture ‘out of control’ by one MSP, the 48-year-old said she tried to complain – to no avail.

Documents obtained by the BBC show Miss Fitzpatrick got in touch with one of her managers soon after the all

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