Several people injured as explosion rocks Tube station in London

Several people injured as explosion rocks Tube station in London

At least five people have been injured in an explosion at a North London Tube station.      

Officers were called to the station just after 7pm on Monday evening after reports of people running from the station.

Three people have been treated at the scene for minor injuries and two have been taken to hospital, the London Ambulance service said. 

The cause of the explosion is not yet known but police say it is not thought to be related to terrorism at this time.  

Evacuated: Southgate Tube Station in Enfield, North London, has been shut down following an explosion 

Injured: The London Ambulance Service said two people have been taken to hospital 

The Met and British Transport Police say they were called to the scene to investigate a suspicious package. 

Witnesses have described the panic as dozens poured out of the station in horror after something ‘exploded’.   

One man described smelling ‘burning like rubber’.  

Student Haluk Oskan, 26, told the Daily Star: ‘I was at Southgate Station when this commotion started.

‘I could smell burning (like rubber) and saw multiple people hurrying for the exits. Station staff were scurrying around inside and people were rushing out of the exit.’

The Met Police were investigating a suspicious package at Southgate Tube Station in Enfield, North London, tonight when an explosion rocked the station 

One man told The Mirror he had to carry a woman up the stairs as commuters were left terrified by the explosion.

He said: ‘Fire in Southgate Tube Station escalator. I had to carry a woman over the middle onto the stairs and then up the stairs. Flare or electrics my guess. That was a bit terrifying.

‘Some poor old lady was nearly trampled over till we calmed those running

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