See how Chrisley Knows Best will celebrate its 100th episode

See how Chrisley Knows Best will celebrate its 100th episode

Tonight’s episode of Chrisley Knows Best marks a major milestone for the crazy-wealthy (and also just crazy) Georgia-based Chrisley family: They’ve shot 100 episodes for USA Network. To help mark the occasion, USA will air an original episode featuring the kids and grandma Faye walking in on Todd and Julie Chrisley’s bedroom to discuss dogs. Then Todd seems to suggest the possibility of hibbity dibbity with his wife in this exclusive video clip from the episode. Hilarity ensues!

In the meantime, we asked the self-made real-estate millionaire Todd Chrisley to explain why his reality show continues to resonate with viewers after six seasons.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did 100 episodes just fly by?
I don’t think anything flies by in production. I think that certainly when we started the show, did we ever believe we would do 100 episodes? I don’t think anyone believes that. Did we think the set was going to make it for six seasons? We certainly hoped and prayed and handed that over to the good Lord above when we started. Lord, if this is the road you’ll have us travel, then we ask that you’ll let us travel it with grace and mercy and bless it, if it’s your will. He has continued to bless it.

What do you think viewers tune in the most for? Are they simply mesmerized by the dynamic between you and your family?
I think that there is a lot. Certainly the

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