SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Channel 4’s Jon Snow takes a ‘£250,000 cut’

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Channel 4’s Jon Snow takes a ‘£250,000 cut’

Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow, one of the highest paid newsreaders in Britain with a reported salary of £1 million, reveals he has quietly taken a significant wage cut in an attempt to tackle the gender pay gap.

‘ITN’s not so good when it comes to equal pay, but I’ve taken a gender pay cut,’ Snow, 70, tells me.

‘I did it as a co-operative gesture. I took the cut over two months ago — 25 per cent. Alas, contractually, I am not able to disclose my salary then or now.’

Snow, who describes himself as a feminist, has been presenting Channel 4 News for nearly 30 years.

Earlier this year Channel 4 revealed its female employees earn almost 30 per cent less in average hourly pay than men working at the broadcaster, where two-thirds of the top 100 best paid staff are male.

Jon Snow reportedly secretly took a major salary cut because of the gender pay gap at Channel 4’s parent company ITN

At the same time, ITN, which makes news programmes for ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, admitted to paying men an average of 18.2 per cent more than women, with 17 of its 20 top earners bein

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