Saudi, UAE coalition enters airport compound of Yemen’s Hudaida

Saudi, UAE coalition enters airport compound of Yemen’s Hudaida

The battle between a Saudi and Emirati-led coalition and Houthi rebels has entered the main compound of Yemen’s Hudaida airport, according to a Yemeni military source and resident.

Saudi and UAE backed forces stormed the gates of the airport on Tuesday, according to sources on the ground, while Houthis used tanks, artillery and mortar fire to shell the inside of the airport.

“They have stormed the airport,” a Yemeni military source told Reuters news agency.

The facility was stormed after fierce battles broke out early in the morning between coalition forces and Houthi fighters who hold the main port city of Hudaida.

On Monday, Saudi and UAE Apache attack helicopters pounded Houthi positions as civilians fled in search of shelter from the biggest battle of the war in three years.

The attack reportedly targeted Houthi snipers and fighters positioned on rooftops of schools and homes in the Manzar neighbourhood near Hudaida’s airport compound, residents said, in figh

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