Rise: Damon J. Gillespie on Robbie’s big episode

Rise: Damon J. Gillespie on Robbie’s big episode

Robbie Thorne is doing his best not to disappoint, well, everyone. There are his football teammates, his theater troop, and the man we met in this week’s episode of Rise, Detrell (Mark Tallman), Robbie’s father. In tonight’s episode, viewers got a glimpse at Robbie’s home life when a party at his place turned into a jock vs. theater kid showdown. And of course, Robbie was caught in the middle.

EW hopped on the phone with Damon J. Gillespie to talk about the episode and what comes next (especially now that Robbie and Lilette kissed!)…

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: This week we got to see a bit of Robbie’s home life. What did that teach you about him as a character?
DAMON J. GILLESPIE: When we got to this episode, I talked to [showrunner] Jason [Katims]. I was like, “Would Robbie be the type of person to allow bullying in his home? Would he turn his back on the troop? Jason and I talked and I said, “I don’t think he’s that person.” I don’t think he can take care of his mom every

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