RGIII to Ravens Completes the NFL’s Dumbest Offseason of QB Signings

RGIII to Ravens Completes the NFL’s Dumbest Offseason of QB Signings

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There have been a number of stunning moves in the NFL this offseason. But one of the most ridiculous, absurd and dubious is the Baltimore Ravens‘ signing of a broken down, busted-up player whose knees are in the Smithsonian, who was out of football last year and who was cut by the Cleveland Browns.

The Ravens announced Wednesday they recently worked out Robert Griffin III and will sign him to a one-year deal next week. Thus, the quarterback circus continues.

Griffin is yet another example of how the league, and teams, continue to embarrass themselves by not signing a certain player to prove a point. You know who that player is. You may have even seen him on a magazine cover.

It’s incredibly bizarre. Teams are, in a manner, going out their way to get worse. How else do they explain not signing you-know-who…

…instead of God-knows-what?

And don’t say it’s because he filed a collusion claim against the NFL. It was this way last offseason. In fact, the fastest way to end any claim of collusion is for a team to sign him. More on all of this in a moment.

There was a time when Griffin was NFL royalty. Six years ago, he was the Offensive Rookie of the Year and became one of the most electric players of the past 20 seasons.

Then he shredded his knee in the 2012


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