Report Shows TIDAL’s Indie Label Royalty Payouts Double Spotify’s

An unnamed indie label has shared its first TIDAL royalty statement, giving critics, consumers, and users a direct look at the percentage Jay Z’s music streaming service site actually pays its rights owners.

The statement, which was posted on Digital Music News, consists of data from March 2015.

TIDAL’s average payout to the label came out to about 1.2 cents ($0.012), which is almost double the amount Spotify pays .72 cents ($0.0072) to rights owners.

During a recent impromptu Twitter address, Jay Z proclaimed TIDAL to be the destination “where artists can give their fans more without the middlemen.”

He also stated that “Tidal pays 75% royalty rate to ALL artists, writers and producers – not just the founding members on stage.”

His last statement poses a discrepancy on the chart. The label’s royalty sheet shows TIDAL paying out a 70% royalty rate, opposed to the 75% Jay mentioned. Though most streaming services take 30%, it’s noteworthy to mention that this report does not coincide with what Jay announced towards the end of April.

A similar document showing April’s earnings may be more accurate once they become available. Still, statistics show TIDAL is indeed offering its indie affiliates a significant amount more in royalties than its competitors.

Check out the indie label’s chart below:

Source: Report Shows TIDAL’s Indie Label Royalty Payouts Double Spotify’s

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