Rachel Bloom on making her first film — and not playing the crazy ex-girlfriend

Rachel Bloom on making her first film — and not playing the crazy ex-girlfriend

Rachel Bloom is sitting in a tiny attic of a house in Westchester, New York, tears welling up in her eyes. It’s a sunny day in April 2017, and the star of the CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is filming her first movie, in which her character, Kara, has just learned an upsetting secret kept by her boyfriend, Lowell (Vincent Kartheiser).

And to make matters worse, her ex-boyfriend Billy (Adam Pally) is there too, trying to apologize for his hand in unveiling said secret. Pally improvs line after line about Billy’s worst misdeeds while first-time director Dan Gregor, who is Bloom’s husband, lets the cameras roll. (A sampling of some regrets: throwing ninja stars at Lowell’s exotic birds, scraping off Lowell’s Gore/Lieberman sticker back in the day, and egging Lowell’s house every night.) Kara’s tears dry up with each confession. “Let him hit rock bottom,” she says. “He’s not quite there yet.” Aaand cue the waterworks — from Billy, that is.

But rest assured: Despite the tears, Most Likely to Murder, in which Bloom makes her big-screen debut, is a comedy. “That’s the thing,” she says afterward, reflecting on the scene while breaking for lunch in a different house with a lot more room than the cramped attic. “Sometimes in comedies that have serious moments, the jokey ones sell out the emotion. This is not a movie that does that. It isn’t a punchline for the sake of having a punchline.”

Written by Gregor and Doug Mand (both alums of How I Met Your Mother and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), Most Likely to Murder follows washed-up former high-school alpha male Billy, who returns h

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