QUENTIN LETTS: Meghan shouldn’t mess with  rugged Prince Harry

QUENTIN LETTS: Meghan shouldn’t mess with rugged Prince Harry

Some say ‘it’ll never last’, and I agree. Prince Harry’s diet, that is. His marriage to lovely Meghan will last a lifetime —provided she does not keep trying to change him.

Before a wedding, it is not unusual for the man to lose weight. All that nagging from the family and in-laws. The women peck-peck-peck at the blushing bridegroom-to-be about all sorts of arrangements. The stress can put him off his nosebag.

There are four strands to the psychology. First, Harry will want to look lean for his wedding snapshots, aware they will define him for years.

Second, HRH adores his fiancee and wants to make her happy. If that means glugging back foul vegetable-and-vitamin juice concoctions over the breakfast table — ‘down the drainpipe with it, Capt Wales, for Queen and country!’ — so be it, even if they make his eyes bulge like autumn onions and give him frightful wind.

Harry, pictured left in 2016 and right last week, has a new slimline look for the royal wedding

Third — I speak from personal experience — our hero possibly did not much enjoy the subtle tutting when the tailor took his measurements for the morning-coat. ‘Tsk-tsk, been at the biscuit barrel, sir?’

For Harry, reared on nursery food and Army canteen grub, nutritional self-denial may not come easily.

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