Qatari envoy sheds light on US plans for Gaza

Qatari envoy sheds light on US plans for Gaza

Mohammed al-Emadi is the director of a Gaza reconstruction committee set up by Qatar’s ministry of foreign affairs to administer a $407m grant from HH Sheikh Khalifa Bin Hamad Al Thani to rebuild Gaza’s destroyed infrastructure in 2012.

Emadi spoke to Al Jazeera about his work in Gaza and his efforts to ease the tension between Israel and Hamas.

He said Hamas and Israel were engaged in indirect talks over multiple issues concerning the conflict, and reached a tacit understating to keep their military confrontation at low-intensity and avoid a full-scale war. 

He also said he met senior White House officials Jarred Kushner and Jason Greenblatt in Doha last month who proposed several infrastructure projects to ease Gaza’s worsening economic crisis and create jobs for residents of the enclave.

Al Jazeera: In light of the flare up of Israeli bombings of Gaza and Hamas firing of rockets into Israel last week, how do you see the situation today? Is it heading towards a major confrontation?

Emadi: This is a sensitive question, but what you have here is a controlled and carefully measured confrontation between both sides. There is an understanding between Hamas and Israel not to commit to killing from each side.

Last week Israel bombed 60 or more Hamas installations and locations but no Hamas members were killed. It is clear that Hamas evacuated their installations and Israel waited until Hamas sites were empty.

In recent years. Hamas has developed a new deterrent strategy which if Israel strikes or attacked Gaza, Hamas will have a counter response against Israel with rockets. However, according to this tacit understanding, Israel strikes areas or locations that belonged to Hamas without a deliberate attempt to kill people or Hamas operatives. Hamas does the same against Israeli targets.


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