Professor Knowles??

mathew-destinys-childIt seems like Matthew Knowles knows the secret to making it in the entertainment business, but it’s going to cost you. Mr. Knowles is holding a workshop which will be for one day, and is called “The Entertainment Industry: How Do I Get In?”. It will take place on Oct.24 at the Houston Performing Arts Complex the cost $199. It’s not like he do not have the resume skills to pull a class like this off, he is Beyonce dad, he did create the greatest girl group of all time Destiny Child, and he has already taught a class at Texas Southern University called “The record Industry”. He’s so confident that you will learn all you need to know he was quoted saying a textbook won’t be a requirement as he said in a recent interview, “I am the book.”Matthew+Knowles+father+Beyonce+spotted+entering+riq0zn7FoyIl

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