Power Ranking Every Starting Lineup Post-NBA Trade Deadline

Power Ranking Every Starting Lineup Post-NBA Trade Deadline

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15. New Orleans Pelicans

Lineup: Rajon Rondo, Jrue Holiday, E’Twaun Moore, Nikola Mirotic, Anthony Davis

It shouldn’t be possible for a lineup featuring Davis to be located this low. The 24-year-old has the fifth-highest player efficiency rating (27.6) plus top-10 rankings in points (27.1, third), blocks (2.1, tied for third) and boards (10.7, ninth). When the Brow takes a seat, New Orleans’ net efficiency tumbles by 7.1 points per 100 possessions.

But once you start assessing the other players listed, it’s no small miracle Davis carried New Orleans this high. Rondo was left for dead before the season. Moore looked like a forgettable journeyman. Holiday and Mirotic have never been viewed among the top options at their position. Yet, with Davis as the focal point and Moore as a surprising net-shredder, this lineup miraculously makes the top half.


14. Indiana Pacers

Lineup: Darren Collison, Victor Oladipo, Bojan Bogdanovic, Thaddeus Young, Myles Turner

Speaking of surprises, nothing suggested the Circle City would have an above-average opening group once Paul George skipped town. But Oladipo’s All-Star ascension guaranteed that honor, and none of the four support pieces have disappointed.

With all five players averaging at least 12 points on 47-plus percent shooting, this functions as an offensive wrecking ba


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