Police seize laptop clue in Poppi Worthington case

Police seize laptop clue in Poppi Worthington case

Police have recovered a laptop believed to have been used by Poppi Worthington’s father on the night she died.

Paul Worthington claimed that he used a computer on the night he is believed to have sexually abused 13-month-old Poppi before she died in 2012 in Cumbria.

Worthington has previously avoided any court action, despite a coroner and a family court judge both ruling that he sexually assaulted the youngster in his bed.

Poppi Worthington died at her home in Cumbria in 2012. There were hopes of a breakthrough in the case today after police seized a laptop thought to have been used by her father

However, there were hopes of a breakthrough today after it emerged that police have seized a laptop which may hold the key to the case.

A police spokesman said today: ‘The Constabulary can confirm that during the course of their enquiries officers have recovered a number of items, including a laptop.

‘The laptop is subject to meticulous forensic examination, by specialist officers, to determine whether it is relevant to potential enquiries concerning Poppi Worthington.’

Paul Worthington has never faced court over Poppi’s death after refusing to answer 252 questions at her i

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