Police KNEW about killer’s sick rape fantasy

Police KNEW about killer’s sick rape fantasy

Mujahid Arshid (pictured) kidnapped the two women and took them to a house he was renovating in Kingston, where he raped and slit both of their throats

Police knew that a man jailed for the rape and murder of his 20-year-old niece had bragged about having access to a girl he planned to drug and rape, it has been revealed.

Mujahid Arshid spoke to an undercover police officer about having access to a 17-year-old girl he planned to drug and rape four years before the body of his niece Celine Dookhran was found stuffed in a freezer with her throat slit in July last year. 

Arshid, 33, who was jailed for life to serve a minimum of 40 years on Wednesday, also kidnapped, raped and attempted to murder a second victim.

She survived but cannot be named for legal reasons. 

Now, campaigners have called for an independent review of Scotland Yard’s safeguarding after it emerged that Arshid offered a girl to be raped to an undercover police officer, who was was investigating paedophiles as part of the Met’s Operation Amazon. 

In 2014, an undercover police officer made contact with him through a chat room and Arshid sent him a picture he had taken of the victim. 

‘How would you like to f*** a 17-year-old virgin?’ Arshid asked the police officer.

He was speaking about the woman who survived the July 2017 attack. 

Mujahid Arshid kidnapped Celine Dookhran (pictured) and another young woman on July 19 before murdering Ms Dookhran

When the officer asked who the girl was, Arshid told him on Skype chat: ‘My girlfriend… wanna force f*** the bitch? Drug and f*** her.’   

In a later Skype chat, Arshid said: ‘I’m keeping her for the right moment, I’m thinking in late November when the sun comes up very late because she will be home alone from about 7.45… we will have her until about 3.30 to 4ish.’

He also sent the officer a link to a website for ratchet tie down straps and told how he wanted to use chloroform on the victim, saying: ‘I’m keeping her for the right moment.’

Arshid also told him: ‘These kind of girls deserve rape.’

But when he was questioned, Arshid insisted a man he worked with had sent the messages and no further action was taken. 

Scotland Yard said the case would be referred for a standard domestic review, but would not be referred to its directorate of professional standards or to the Independent Office for Police Conduct. 

A police spokeswoman told The Times that a case file was passed to prosecutors but deemed not to reach the evidence threshold because the device Arshid used couldn’t be traced.   

This freezer was photographed inside the £1.5million home where Celine Dookhran was raped and murdered. Her body was later found stuffed inside a freezer

But Rachel Krys, the co-director at End Violence against Women, said an investigation should be launched to determine if police followed their own safeguard procedures when ‘there was a young woman at risk.’

It comes a day after chilling CCTV footage was revealed that captured the moment Arshid drove off in his pick-up truck with two women bound and gagged in the back. 

Arshid kidnapped Ms Dookhran and another women before taking them to a £1.5million house he was renovating where he raped and slit both of their throats.

The 33-year-old tried to blame the murder of his niece on the surviving victim, claiming that she murdered her in a jealous rage after he had consensual sex with both of them. 

But a jury rejected his ‘nonsense’ explanation and Arshid was found guilty of murder and attempted murder at the Old Bailey.

The decision caused relatives in the public gallery to cheer and for Arshid to tell them to ‘shut up’, before shouting: ‘I will prove that b***h wrong’.

After jurors returned their verdicts, Mr Justice Edis told an emotional courtroom: ‘I suspect none of us will forget the name Celine Dookhran.’ 

Later in the day, after the sentence of four life sentences was passed, Arshid, who tried to flee to Pakistan following the murder, said ‘can I just say one thing’ but the judge refused to hear him. 

An onlooker shouted ‘paedophile’ as he was led from the dock. 

DCI Sam Price described Arshid’s actions as a ‘sexually motivated attack of unspeakable violence and horror’. 

Speaking after he was caged for life, Ms Dookhran’s mother Iman Nadeem said her daughter had ‘fell victim to pure evil’. 

Victim relives ‘nightmare’ of hearing close friend’s helpless screams

A young woman has relived the ‘nightmare’ of witnessing the murder of her close friend at the hands of a ‘sick’ uncle.

The woman, who cannot be identified, was sexually abused by builder Mujahid Arshid as a child.

Then in July last year, the 33-year-old kidnapped and raped her along with Celine Dookhran, 20, who he stuffed into a freezer after cutting her throat.

The surviving woman also suffered serious cuts at Arshid’s hands, causing her permanent scarring.

She went on to described her ordeal in Arshid’s murder trial at the Old Bailey, only to be accused by him of being responsible for Ms Dookhran’s death – a claim dismissed as ‘absurd’ by the trial judge.

Following his conviction, she tearfully read out a statement in court, describing Arshid as an ‘evil person’.

She regarded Ms Dookhran as being like a ‘sister’, saying they had been ‘inseparable’ and ‘as thick as thieves’.

She said: ‘We would go make-up shopping together, cook together and even have nights in eating junk and watching trashy TV together like sisters do. 

‘We always knew we had each other’s back. Words cannot describe how much I miss her.

‘On the 19th July 2017, that sick man took an even more depraved step in affecting my life. Hearing the helpless screams and seeing the fear in Celine’s eyes that day. The terrifying visions and muffling sounds will never go away.

‘Hearing Celine being killed stops me from closing my eyes and going to sleep like a normal person.’

The woman said she suffered from ‘constant flashbacks and nightmares’ and the scars on her neck and wrists were a ‘constant reminder of what Celine and I went through.’

The woman, who was forced to give up university and work, said she had also been robbed of her ‘self esteem and confidence’.

She added: ‘My dignity, autonomy, self respect, all have been compromised as a result of the heinous crimes against myself and Celine.’

In sentencing Arshid, Mr Justice Edis described the survivor as an ‘intelligent, resourceful young woman’ who managed to fool Arshid into letting her go.

The two women were bound, gagged and wrapped in dust sheets before being taken to a £1.5million six-bed house Arshid was working on in south west London

She added: ‘The disgusting and senseless actions of Mujahid Arshid deprived Celine of a future, a great future, where she could go on to further her ambitions, get married, and perhaps have a family of her own. 

‘She will always be in the darkness that surrounds us. I feel that my world has collapsed.’

Another man was cleared of all involvement of the depraved slayings but the judge insists Arshid must have had help. 

The CCTV shows Arshid’s movements in the hours that he planned the attack – and as he tried to escape justice afterwards. 

One video showed the freezer used to store Ms Dookhran’s body strapped to Arshid’s car and he transported to the house in Kingston-upon-Thames.

Another video shows him arriving at the house where he kidnapped the two women and then driving off with them locked in his boot.

Footage also shows him fleeing to Kent, visiting a petrol station and walking into a hotel where he was eventually arrested by police after the survivor raised the alarm.

Arshid kidnapped Ms Dookhran and the other young woman on July 19 last year. 

They were bound, gagged and wrapped in dust sheets before being taken to a £1.5million six-bed house Arshid was working on in Kingston-upon-Thames, south west London.

Once there, Arshid raped both women before slitting Miss Dookhran’s throat and dumping her body in a chest-high deep freezer he had installed two days earlier.

Evil: Arshid was filmed arriving with luggage at New Malden station, south London, before travelling to Folkestone in Kent

Arshid intended to flee to Pakistan but was arrested at a Holiday Inn in Folkestone

He then slashed the other woman’s neck but she managed to survive, and convinced him not to attack her and that they could run away together in a bid to stay alive. 

Family members of Miss Dookhran shouted ‘yes’ as the verdicts were announced.

Arshid angrily shouted ‘your honour, what’s this’ and told the family to ‘shut up’ while gesturing with his hands.

He then tried to blame his other victim who cannot be named for legal reasons yelling it was her who killed Miss Dookhran adding ‘she is lying to all of you’.

As he was lead from the dock he shouted: ‘Before I die I will prove that b**** wrong.’

On a dramatic day at the Old Bailey, in which Arshid was convicted of murder, attempted murder, kidnap and rape, it was revealed that:

  • He was so inspired by acid bath murderer John Haigh that within minutes of searching his name he set up the email account indeedanacidbath@space.com’ 
  • A week before the killing Arshid, Googled ‘how to cut up a human body,’ butchering the human carcass’ and ‘what’s the best way to dispose of a human body’
  • He bought the chest freezer from Gumtree for £30 before installing it at the £1.5million property in Kingston-on-Thames where he carried out his attack
  • Arshid molested the other woman after cutting her throat before stopping as she lay bleeding to ask her to kiss him
  • Although Vincent Tappu was cleared of all wrongdoing, Judge Justice Edis remained convinced that another man helped Arshid carry out his plan
  •  After jurors returned their verdicts, Mr Justice Edis said: ‘I suspect none of us will forget the name Celine Dookhran’
  • CCTV captured Arshid travelling to Folkestone, Kent, as he tried to flee to Pakistan 

Mr Justice Edis said: ‘Mujahid Arshid settled on a plan to kidnap, rape and kill his two victims perhaps three weeks or so before. He recruited another man to help him.

‘Although the jury weren’t sure it was Vincent Tappu, whoever it was must have been paid and some significant planning must have gone into his recruitment.

‘And I am satisfied that there must have been a second man, because those young women both had phones and at the start one would be free to make a call.’

He added: ‘What followed on that Wednesday morning was truly terrifying.

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