Pictures show injuries suffered by woman stabbed in sex game

Pictures show injuries suffered by woman stabbed in sex game

Horrific pictures show the injuries suffered by a woman stabbed by her best friend during a Fifty Shades-style sex game.   

Sarah Holden, 25, was tied down to a bed by 26-year old Shaunna Littlewood who then drove a kitchen knife into a chest while whispering ‘sorry princess.’

Littlewood only stopped her murderous assault to call a family friend and confess to the stabbing.

Horrific: Sarah Holden, pictured above, bravely shows the scars she has been left with after her so-called best friend attacked her with a knife during a sex game 

Miss Holden, a call centre worker was left fighting for life with internal bleeding close to her heart, a punctured lung and required more than 50 stitches to her face.

She also suffered injuries to her legs, abdomen, chest, neck and jaw and is now scarred is life. Her vocal chords were also severed during the attack – leaving her unable to speak properly.

Today Miss Holden, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, showed horrific images of her wounds after Littlewood was jailed for life after she admitted attempted murder.

Betrayal: Sarah Holden, pictured left with her attacker Shaunna, was left hospitalised, right, after her so-called friend set upon her with a knife 

‘I long to know why Shaunna attacked me but I doubt I ever will,’ she said. ‘We had been friends for almost two decades when we laughed and chatted together that night. We were just having a bit of fun but something turned her into a monster. She not only ripped our friendship apart but she also literally ripped me apart too.

‘I’ve been left unable to trust anybody whilst the scars have left me insecure and ashamed of my body. I’d love to find a way to forgive her, but I don’t think I ever can.

She said: ‘I hope I can eventually meet her in prison to ask her the question, why did she stab me – simply so I can find a way to get some closure on it all. I’ve been left with my own life sentence. I have a broken body, wrecked nerves and shattered dreams.’ 

‘Why?’ Sarah Holden said she has been left with one question since the attack – how could her best friend do this to her? 

Scarred for life: Sarah Holden will never be able to forget the incident thanks to a number of scars left on her stomach, neck and torso 

The incident occurred in July last year after Miss Holden went to stay with Littlewood at her home in Dewsbury for a weekend away.

Recovering at home Miss Holden said: ‘We hadn’t seen each other in such a long time. Shaunna was well over an hour away from where I lived but we promised to stay in touch. We caught up whenever we could, but life has a wa

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